All Duels – Hot couture or ready to show off? – So, McDonald’s or Sushi?

Hot couture or ready to show off ?

All Duels - Hot couture or ready to show off? - So, McDonald's or Sushi?

Bold and unexpected, the Honda VT1300CX (Fury) could well see its chrome sparkle in a category dominated by US production … To judge its capabilities, we measured it against a rival: the Saxon Firestorm ! Duel.

So, McDonald’s or Sushi ?

It is indeed impossible not to address the thorny subject of price: displayed at € 14,990, the Honda is placed at the bottom of the range of customs tariffs, while the Saxon reaches the top..

As presented, the Saxon is exchanged for a nice check for € 34,500: "a Firestorm at € 29,900 base – it is black spoke -, plus Pearl White paint at € 328.90, level III graphics at € 1,973.40, aluminum rims at € 1,495, € 450 transport costs and € 350 start-up costs", explains Xavier Essayan, big boss of Absolut Cycles.

In the end, the case is above all a question of taste and means: those who want to show off on the terrace of a cafe without – too much – breaking the bank, scare themselves and / or losing their freshly woken friend along the way will automatically choose the Honda..

On a daily basis, the Fury will prove to be more practical than the Firestorm. To begin with, if the two motorcycles have a not very practical neiman, only the Honda is equipped as standard with a HISS immobilizer system. It’s more reassuring !

Likewise, the Honda’s fuel cap can be locked with a key – the lock is under the cover – while the Saxon leaves its gasoline self-service … However, the Firestorm has an advantage in this regard over the VT1300CX: the tank of the American can hold 18.9 liters and that of the Japanese only 12.8.

But the Honda regains the advantage thanks to its lower consumption: 6 liters per 100 km approximately against 7 to 8 liters in quiet mode for the American, or even 12 or 13 liters when rolling mechanical.

In addition, the Japanese is provided with a reserve indicator while the American requires a bit of attention: it takes good reflexes to switch to the reserve by means of the small valve located to the left of the front cylinder. !

Shocking argument: for the price of a Saxon, Honda offers the Fury in its two colors! "But what is the point of owning two same motorcycles when you have only one pair of buttocks to put on it?", Ask the pro-Americans ?

For them, the reputations of reliability and peace of mind of the Honda network and products do not matter: it is the confidentiality of Saxon production (based in Casa Grande since 2004, the plant moved this summer to Phoenix, Arizona) and its strong character that are their pride !

Think about it: with 300 motorcycles produced last year (800 per year at its peak, in the mid-2000s), of which twenty sold in France all models combined, the owner of Firestorm is not ready to cross the same motorcycle. on every street corner! But this exclusivity comes at a high price.

By the way, if the Firestorm in this test caught your eye, know that it is waiting for you at home. Go on behalf of Site, you will be greeted as it should !

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