All Duels – PCX 125 Vs MP3 Hybrid 300 LT: when scooters go green! – Two radically different scooters

PCX 125 Vs MP3 Hybrid 300 LT: when scooters go green !

All Duels - PCX 125 Vs MP3 Hybrid 300 LT: when scooters go green! - Two radically different scooters

What better than a shortage of gasoline unprecedented since 1968 to test two fuel-efficient solutions? Are the Piaggio MP3 Hybrid and Honda PCX scooters true precursors or simple foils for trendy city dwellers? ? Test !

Two radically different scooters

Apart from their "eco-responsible" solutions, practically everything opposes our two scooters: the Piaggio is almost three and a half times more expensive than the Honda (8549 euros against 2390), but also twice as heavy (257 kg against 124.4) and, fortunately, twice as powerful (25 hp against 11.3).

We will note all the same a significant common point: these two vehicles are accessible to holders of license B since the PCX is a 125 cc and that this MP3 Hybrid is an "LT" model approved as a motor tricycle….

All dressed in white

What could be more normal than white to evoke purity? The two manufacturers have understood this well by declining their two "eco-friendly" vehicles in this immaculate color..

The PCX is also available in black and silver gray, while the MP3 Hybrid is only available in this pearl white highlighted by fairing elements and part of the blue seat … petroleum. !

Aesthetically, the Piaggio can not compete with the Honda because despite its price riquiqui and its utility vocation, the PCX really has a very good face! Its fluid and dynamic lines almost give it sportiness. Plastic is omnipresent, but the finish is very correct for the price displayed. In comparison, the MP3 attracts less attention with its design now archived and revised.

Only a discerning eye will know how to differentiate this MP3 Hybrid from its thermal cousins ​​without referring to the logos or stickers which indicate the technological "bonus" of the machine..

The flea and the elephant

The engine casings are however different, as is the space under the saddle now largely occupied by the 50 kg of additional batteries (there is just a small trunk at the rear). Yep, this MP3 is even heavier than it looks !

Besides, the PCX would almost pass for a small scooter of 50 cc. This will reassure the young ladies, but will worry those over 1.80 m who will wonder where to put their legs! And unlike the Piaggio, the Honda seems even lighter: the 124 kg kilos announced on its technical sheet barely seem 100 !

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