All Duels – PCX 125 Vs MP3 Hybrid 300 LT: when scooters go green! – Green and fun to drive: is it possible?

PCX 125 Vs MP3 Hybrid 300 LT: when scooters go green !

All Duels - PCX 125 Vs MP3 Hybrid 300 LT: when scooters go green! - Green and fun to drive: is it possible?

What better than a shortage of gasoline unprecedented since 1968 to test two fuel-efficient solutions? Are the Piaggio MP3 Hybrid and Honda PCX scooters true precursors or simple foils for trendy city dwellers? ? Test !

Green and fun to drive: is it possible ?

Our two machines are quite pleasant to drive. The PCX, in particular, feels like a fish in the water in town. Its small, lively engine and its extreme maneuverability play with traffic jams with mastery. We never find ourselves stuck on the handlebars of the small Honda scooter thanks to its tiny turning radius.

Even its braking is flawless, the rear brake handle also acting on the front disc. The result is frank, efficient and very safe braking. Stability is also there because the Honda is fitted with large wheels (for a scooter!) 14 inches.

The PCX also has a few small flaws, starting with a top speed of 105 km / h odometer a little just to venture serenely beyond the tracks limited to 90 km / h. We also regret a really small 6.2-liter tank, which limits the range to just over 150 km, almost zero protection due to a too low bubble and a very small passenger space..

The Electricity Fairy

It must be recognized that the 3.5 hp provided by the electric motor greatly contributes to the driving pleasure of the MP3 Hybrid in town. Combined with the thermal block (25 hp in all), this gives it a great smoothness of operation, particularly appreciable in duo. It is also an exercise in which the Piaggio delights with its imposing passenger backrest and its wide handles..

Despite the 270 kg of the machine in running order (257 kg dry), the departures at the lights are quite alert and allow to set off in front of the cars. The MP3 Hybrid 300 LT can also cross serenely on peri-urban highways between 110 and 120 km / h cruising.

Thanks to a good descent and a favorable wind, the Italian three-wheeler even flirts with the 140 km / h counter.

The Piaggio’s overweight is felt especially when stationary and at very low speed. Fortunately, locking the front axle saves effort when parking, as does the ingenious electric reverse gear that makes it easy to get out of a bad situation. !

Mollo with the 270 kg !

Then, the weight is forgotten as long as you do not ride too hard. This is not the purpose of such a machine and we readily forgive him in extreme use his front axle a little fuzzy and understeer, while the rear suspension pumps under stress when we increase the pace..

The MP3 brakes well, but there are two caveats all the same. The first is to use the brake pedal as little as possible (necessary for homologation as a motorized tricycle). It acts jointly on the three brake discs, but terribly lacking in feeling and progressiveness.

The second warning concerns the absence of an ABS system: this "tricycle for adults" may have two wheels at the front, they can still be blocked, especially in this season. !

The price to pay to be a pioneer

Our two scooters have therefore proved to us that they are perfectly rational in the context of normal daily use. The offer offered by Honda is all the more relevant as it offers a rather incredible performance / price ratio.

Indeed, for 2390 euros, the PCX offers a lot: nice and punchy engine, rewarding lines, very good braking and handling and the famous Stop and Go particularly pleasant. !

The MP3 300 Hybrid is also perfectly usable in town and beyond, but costs a lot of money for its high level of technology. Sold for 8,549 euros, it will really be necessary to have an overdeveloped eco-conscience to take the plunge…

Let’s face it: this MP3 Hybrid will only really find its raison d’être in France when zones prohibited to thermal engines will emerge. Hats off to Piaggio, however, for this demonstration of know-how and for having been able to market such a machine before the Japanese. !

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