All Duels – Versys Vs V-Strom: two safe values ​​in times of crisis! – 650 cc of happiness!

Versys Vs V-Strom: two safe values ​​in times of crisis !

All Duels - Versys Vs V-Strom: two safe values ​​in times of crisis! - 650 cc of happiness!

It is in difficult times that we see who we can count on … Our two road trails of the day are perfect allies to face all situations: shortage, traffic jams, rain, etc. Test… against all odds !

650 cc of happiness !

If our two road trails respond very well to motorcycle-work-sleep use, they are also very good at carving the road, whether it is small and curvy or wide and very rolling. Both the Kawa and the Suz ‘offer a tasty mix of driving qualities and comfort which means that the more you ride, the more you appreciate them. !

At the limit of the big supermoto, the new Versys is much more sporty than the V-Strom. Its rigid and efficient cycle part like its engine which asks only to be whipped largely encourage fun in the turns..

But beware ! The V-Strom is not to be outdone and hides its game well. Under very placid surroundings and in the comfort of a pasha, it is barely less effective in arson than its competitor.

The moth

It will therefore really take the big attack on the handlebars of the Versys to outrun the nonchalant V-Strom, each skillfully making its arguments..

The Kawa is almost as stiff and sharp as its very playful cousin ER-6. The size of its rims (17 inches at the front and rear) as well as the standard dimensions of its tires allow it to adopt the most sporty mounts..

The front end is as lively in the tight as it is reassuring in the big curves. The rear shock absorber, offset to the right of the engine and in a horizontal position, is more of an asset in terms of traction than comfort. As for the sound of the engine, it reminds a little (too much?) That of the ER-5, on which many bikers have spent their license.

But the Kawasaki twin responds to all requests. Although he admits on the technical sheet 3 horses less than that of the Suzuki, it seems more powerful thanks to its aggressive character. In addition, the Kawa is 11 kg lighter: it helps !

A Suz ‘who hides her game well

In comparison, the V-Strom seems softer! Almost identical to those of the Versys (within 5 mm at the rear), the suspension travel of the Suzuki nevertheless appears to be twice as high as the fork plunges under braking and the rear settles during heavy acceleration..

Despite this, the V-Strom shows a bluffing ease and especially an absolutely imperturbable stability, suitable to reassure the less experienced.

The brilliant V-twin inherited from the SV shows less character than the roadster, but is smoother and more torque at low revs. The Suzuki gearbox also combines the qualities: smooth, precise and fast…

We deplore only slight jerks of injection at the cut-off as at the go-around. It’s anecdotal in a straight line, but a little more destabilizing on the angle at the exit of the curve !

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