All the Duels – Another idea of ​​the roadster – Presentation: small and large motorcycle

Another idea of ​​the roadster

All the Duels - Another idea of ​​the roadster - Presentation: small and large motorcycle

Very similar in their design and philosophy, are the Aprilia Shiver 750 and the Ducati Monster 796 so much on the test? This is what Site invites you to discover by comparing these two Italian motorcycles: 100% Italian duel !

Presentation: small and large motorcycle

By taking a seat on the "new" Shiver 750, owners of the old model will immediately notice the attention paid to "short-legged" motorcyclists: slightly lower but above all less wide, the saddle of the 2010 model allows a larger number of bikers touching the ground on either side of the bike, even if those under 1.70m will still be a bit tight.

The driving position remains as natural as ever. The relatively high perched handlebars allow you to stand up straight even during maneuvers. No need to weigh 90 kg to feel the suspensions (especially the fork) sag several millimeters: comfort is always there !

Conversely, the Monster 796 provides a more "sporty" welcome. In addition to the firmer suspensions and the harder saddle, the footrests are a bit further back and higher than on the Shiver. The tank, thin between the thighs, unfortunately spreads a little too much the knees of the older ones. We therefore do not take full advantage of the narrowness of the engine block.

Although 20 mm higher than the handlebars of the 696 (first version, because the 696 of 2011 will also receive the handlebars higher), the 796 still asks the rider to lean forward. To the point of almost having the impression of grabbing the front wheel directly by its axle, in true Ducati style !

Both motorcycles benefit from adjustable levers but ignore other practical aspects yet welcome on roadsters: no warning or gasoline gauge or second trip kilometer, and a total lack of storage under the saddle. As if the Italians – big scooter enthusiasts – do not use their motorcycles in town !

Sport or comfort ?

The Aprilia meter is more readable and functional: the analog tachometer is next to a digital screen on which appears by default the speed displayed in large, and in smaller the hour, the outside temperature, the engine temperature gauge and the gear indicator engaged.

The Ducati’s table is less convenient: the engine speed monopolizes a large part of the console, which gives speed and other information (clock, oil temperature, trip kilometer, fuel reserve and even lap time!) not easy to see at a glance.

When maneuvering with the engine off, the Monster 796 is like a real bike: its 169 kg in ABS version indicated on the technical sheet are actually easier to move than the 189 kg (dry, Aprilia specifies) of the Shiver.

We may regret on the Ducati having to lift his thumbs when the handlebars are pivoted to its maximum – it fits into the air intakes located in the tank -, but we will pester more on the Aprilia, whose turning radius is even more important and prevents effective U-turns in garages or easily playing out of city traffic.

Similarly, if the M796 does not take long to warm the thighs of the pilot and the ankles of the passenger, the Aprilia only spares the two users a little longer – thanks to the water cooling – before cyclically toasting their limbs – thank you radiator fans…

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