All-terrain – Superprestigio 2018 in Paris: Zarco on gravel against the best drivers in the world –

Superprestigio 2018 in Paris: Zarco on the ground against the best drivers in the world

All-terrain - Superprestigio 2018 in Paris: Zarco on the gravel against the best drivers in the world -

The sixth edition of the Superprestigio Dirt Track will take place in Paris in December 2018, with Johann Zarco on a dirt track facing the best drivers in the world…. Sixth last year in Barcelona, ​​the French driver will be keen to shine in front of his audience !

The next Superprestigio will take place on December 15, 2018 in the new U Arena in La Defense (92) for a historic dirt track with Johann Zarco against the best riders in the world..

"The rules of the game are simple", explains the organizer: "a ring of earth 250 m long, 450 cm3 4-stroke single cylinders lowered to hold on the ground, vitaminized to extract themselves like bullets, wearing Michelin rain tires to rub the ears … and without a front brake to force the pilots to brake across "…

"Dirt riders never go straight!"

Equipped with a "hot shoe" (metal sole attached to the left boot), the pilots glide through the turn then emerge across and sometimes in wheelies when accelerating. "It’s very simple: dirt riders never drive straight!", Continues PHA, also promoter of the French GP, which has partnered with RPM, the organizer of the last five Catalan editions, for this Parisian edition. : "the races are ultra short (six to eight laps, or one to two minutes and the races are linked to keep the public in suspense".

All-terrain - Superprestigio 2018 in Paris: Zarco on gravel against the best drivers in the world -

Won in 2016 by Marc Marquez himself, the Superprestigio saw the American Supersport champion JD Beach win last year, who has been practicing dirt since the age of … three years old. !

The 2017 edition included no less than: Fabio Quartararo (CEV Moto3 champion), Sylvain Bidart (Supermoto winner of the nations), Thomas Chareyre (Supermoto S1 world champion), Vincent Philippe (endurance world champion), Lucas Mahias ( Supersport world champion) and Johann Zarco (double Moto2 world champion and best MotoGP 2017 rookie), not to mention Gregg Black (Superstock endurance world champion) and David Checa (EWC endurance world champion) !

  • Superprestigio 2017 :
  • Superprestigio 2016 :

Finalist in Barcelona last year and 6th at the finish, Johann Zarco naturally took up the challenge this year: "so far I had never been able to train enough", explains the Tech3 driver leaving for KTM, " but I’m going to have an earth ring built on my training base in Eyguières (84) and make me feel at home in Paris ".

4 categories: Superprestigio, Open, Vintage and Kids

The "Superprestigio" category includes MotoGP, Moto2 and Moto3 riders, while the Open category is open to the world’s best riders from other disciplines, not to mention the pros of the American Flat Track. These two camps first compete against each other via six-round elimination heats, after which the top two in each series progress to the finals. Repechage allow those who missed out to find a place among the elite.

Then, the best drivers from both camps are explained in three finals of 8 to 14 laps. Each final is crucial because it makes it possible to score points with a view to qualifying for the "Superfinal", which opposes the four best Superprestigio and the four best Open over 16 laps. The winner is then crowned the big winner of the evening.

Finally, a "Vintage" category will allow to see in action riders who have made motorcycle enthusiasts dream, and a "Kids" category is reserved for the future glories of the Superprestigio: "in Barcelona, ​​the best" Kids "were only ‘to one second around the big guys on their KTM 65cm3 2-stroke! ", specifies PHA.

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