All Tests – 2010 BMW R1200RT Test: French bikers will continue to love it for a long time! – The best selling BMW in France

2010 BMW R1200RT test: French bikers will continue to love it for a long time !

All Tests - 2010 BMW R1200RT Test: French bikers will continue to love it for a long time! - The best selling BMW in France

BMW Motorrad’s bestseller in the world is the R 1200 GS, but in France the R 1200 RT is preferred. In 2010, the RT also benefits from the latest version of the Flat Twin and some improvements.. BMW novelty test !

The best selling BMW in France

Since Site has been studying the motorcycle market closely (i.e. the year of grace 2003), the BMW R 1200 RT has been the German manufacturer’s best seller in France. "The RT model was at the top of BMW France sales between 1995 and 2007. During these years, the RT represented at least 26% of BMW Motorrad France sales", confirms Marcel Driessen, CEO of BMW Motorrad France.

By cumulating sales of Standard and Adventure models, the R 1200 GS even passed in front of its sister in 2008 and 2009. But French bikers have not forgotten the road: "for the moment in 2010, the RT is passed before the GS (Standard + Adventure)", calculates the big boss of the brand in France.

At the same time, enormous efforts have been made within the German brand to expand the range and open up to new customers, with more recently the S 1000 RR and F 800 R (read). And the latest results from BMW in France showed that a change was taking place: "in 2009, out of ten BMWs sold, six were R Series Boxers compared to seven in 2008", noted the CEO of BMW Motorrad France questioned by Site (read our).

But this trend could be reduced in 2010, since the R 1200 GS and R 1200 RT have just been revised. At the end of the first half of the year, the effects were already being felt: the road had 1,452 registrations (against 1,696 over the whole of 2009) while the trail had 962 in its standard version and 577 in its Adventure version….

Here is the R 1200 RT (and its quasi-twin sister R 1200 GS, read our) part in the assault of new records: we remember that in 2005, when it went from the twin 1150 to the 1200, the RT had signed at 2467 units … Can the 2010 version do better? ?

2010: a smooth evolution

Presented at the end of 2009 (read), the new R1200RT therefore landed in BMW dealerships in a remarkable way because it was eagerly awaited: like the new "Geesse", the "Erte" 2010 notably receives a double cylinder head with overhead camshaft , similar to that of the HP2 Sport pistarde !

Since February, the Boxer of the R 1200 RT has prided itself on taking 500 additional revs (8500 rpm maximum), peaking its maximum torque at 120 Nm (i.e. 5 more than the previous model) and having of a more "vigorous and sovereign" !

All while offering approximately the same maximum power: 110 horsepower in the free world and 107 in France. As if the Germans could not follow the legislation of the country which buys the most RT in the world ?!

"This model is not reserved for the French market !", retorts Marcel Driessen:"the difference between the 110 hp and 106 hp version is almost imperceptible, because it is located in the high revs which are little used on this type of machine". Phew…

The engine is not the only point to evolve on this reference of Grand Tourism in France (also used for the bike-work-sleep): the new RT is thus equipped with the second version of the suspension system with electronic adjustment ( ESA II).

The Munich engineers also took the opportunity to redesign the fairing and the screen, grafting new controls (with "classic" indicators, mainly) and new hydraulic tanks. Finally, music lovers will be delighted to learn that the audio system does away with the CD support to adapt to modern MP3 / iPod players..

In order to judge the capabilities of this new BMW, Site therefore decided to complete some 1,100 km with it, right in the middle of the congested capital, on a deserted A6 and on the small winding roads of Franche-Comte. Motor !

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