All Tests – 2013 Suzuki Burgman 650 Test: maximum service! – Travel in business class!

2013 Suzuki Burgman 650 test: maximum service !

All Tests - 2013 Suzuki Burgman 650 Test: maximum service! - Travel in business class!

Launched in 2002, the Burgman 650 has survived the last decade becoming the limousine of maxi-scooters. In response to the arrival of serious competitors, Suzuki has appropriately accentuated its strengths and erased some of its weaknesses. Successful bet ? Test.

Business class travel !

Remarkably agile with regard to its size, the Burgman 650 benefits from excellent directional precision which allows it to be placed sharply and precisely. In town, despite its "anvil" weight, the Suzuki maxi-scooter can be steered almost with your fingertips with disconcerting ease..

Its powerful engine allows it to fit into traffic and start a fire without fear of "running out", while its suspensions effectively absorb small and large deformations sometimes encountered in urban areas. This brilliant picture is however spoiled by an excessively sensitive ABS which greatly extends the braking distances.

On the cobblestones of the main roads of Rome, the rear brake has proved to be practically unusable during heavy braking, as the anti-lock lock quickly loses the thread. At the front, the device is fortunately more effective, if not completely successful. During strong slowing down, we regret the absence of coupled braking which would make it possible to take advantage of a power which is otherwise very satisfactory at the front and at the rear..

In town, no need to play with the different functions of the CVT: the "Drive" mode (engaged by default) is the most appropriate. The manual mode with its 5 "speeds" does not bring any significant gain and even generates a few jerks when changing gears..

Much more responsive than the "Drive" mode, the automatic "Power" function shows itself too sporty in the urban cycle. Instant – almost brutal – throttle response makes driving less comfortable, while deep engine braking demands more attention.

On the other hand, once out of town in the direction of a small winding road, this mode takes all its value: we appreciate the cannon revivals and the consequent extension of the twin (red zone at 8000 rpm). Very discreet in slow motion, the sound of the unit becomes both hoarse and present in the towers: but it is because it is breathing hard, this scooter ‘ !

Extremely well motorized, the Burgman 650 allows very high cruising speeds (at 180 km / h, the counter needle still rises!) That the cycle part collects without muffling. Stable despite the reduction of its wheelbase by 10 mm (1585 mm), the Suzuki maxi-scooter remains stuck to its trajectory whatever the pace.

At high speed, the protection offered by the bubble is the first to admit its limits: it only needs a few small centimeters to spare the entire head, while a slight depression is felt at the rear. helmet from 140 km / h. The development in the wind tunnel of a new windshield support does not therefore completely eradicate this phenomenon, which nevertheless remains bearable..

Certainly less lively than a Tmax 530 in the changes of angle, the Burgman 650 2013 is easily placed in a curve where the new suspension settings work wonders: few scooters can boast of offering a compromise of damping too successful between comfort and performance. The excellent traction never makes you regret the absence of an anti-skid and even encourages to put a layer on the angle.

Very well adjusted, its fork absorbs heavy braking with remarkable ease, thus avoiding too much mass transfer. Although reduced by 5 mm (from 130 to 125 mm), the ground clearance is up to the astonishing and pleasing dynamic capacities of the Burgman 650.

And if the central stand ends up rubbing on each side, this does not cause immediate sanction, such as lifting of the rear wheel as happens on some scooters !

From the excellent with the already very good !

Play with traffic jams or take the field: the Burgman 650 vintage 2013 can do it all. Well, as a bonus! Its large reserve of torque and its multiple practical aspects open up all perspectives, including a long trip as a duo.

Competitors of the Burgman 650

  • BMW C650GT : twin-cylinder, 647cc, 60 hp, 66 Nm of torque, 261 kg with 90% of full – € 11,550

  • Honda SW-T600 : twin cylinder, 582.2cc, 51.2 hp, 55 Nm, 250 kg all full facts – € 8,090

  • Kymco MyRoad 700 : twin-cylinder, 699.5cc, 58.8 hp, 63 Nm, 281 dry – € 8,199

  • Piaggio X10 500 : single cylinder, 493cc, 41 hp, 46 Nm, 224 kg dry – € 7,599
  • Even if this 2013 vintage is to be considered more as an evolution than as a brand new model, Suzuki has perfectly negotiated this delicate challenge of improving a successful and appreciated product (more than 83,000 sales worldwide since 2002).

    Some will undoubtedly regret the timid restyling or the absence of "up to date" equipment such as controls on the handlebars, an automatic handbrake, or even a reverse gear to facilitate the maneuvers of this (heavy) beast..

    But if the criticism is not totally unfounded, the coat of arms of Hamamatsu is however far from having made "new with old": at the end of this test, it appears that Suzuki has managed to do excellent with already very good, which is no small task! All while keeping the inevitable inflation at a measured level: the Executive version increases by € 400 (€ 10,899 against € 10,499 in 2012), while the Burgman 650 Genuine is displayed just below the € 10,000 mark ( € 9,999).

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