All Tests – Does the new Honda SW-T400 suck at Tmax? – Practical aspects …

The new Honda SW-T400 at the Tmax aspiration ?

All Tests - Does the new Honda SW-T400 suck at Tmax? - Practical aspects ...

The only twin cylinder among 400 cc maxiscooters, the Silver Wing 400 gave way in 2009 to the SW-T400. By polishing the dynamic behavior of its scooter and radically transforming its lines, does Honda have the means to worry the Tmax ? Test.

Practical aspects…

On the fuel side, the on-board computer seems reliable: at the end of our journey, it indicates 4.9 l / 100 km and our calculations lead to a similar result of 5.04 l / 100 km. This consumption also corresponds to what future users should know, our test having mixed a little arsouille and a good dose of expressways at mid-speed..

The duo, tested over only a few hundred meters, did not reveal any major defect: you need long legs to settle down without disturbing the driver, but the little ones will use the footrests whose position and size are tilt allow you to endure the heaviest braking without worry.

To wedge the back of the passenger, in addition to the top case – in matching color – 40 liters (313 €), Honda also offers its brand new "Cruising Backrest" (price not communicated) offering better support but limiting the load to 11 liters (read). To complain, however, you must first succeed in filling the trunk and the two storage compartments available. !

The storage space under the saddle – with carpet and lamp, please! – accommodates two full-face helmets or a briefcase, or even a sports bag on pool or tennis days. Under the handlebars on the left, a lockable glove box can accommodate "half a liter bottle of water", details the Large Project Leader at Honda, Kyosuke Kitayama. On the right, a tote is also available.

The only disappointment in the practical area: the lack of remote control, however, available on the Forza 250 and on other more rudimentary 125 scooters. In addition, opening the safe is not done via the switch and requires multiple key round trips..

For the rest, it’s flawless: the parking brake lever is aesthetic, discreet but accessible, the fuel door is easy to open and the two crutches are easy to use..

For those who would like to enhance the practical aspects of the SW-T400, Honda offers various accessories, including the transport bag adapted to the top case (90 €), the heated grip kit (272 €), the protective apron (99 €) , the protective cover (141 €), the approved U-lock (96 €), the alarm system (364 €) and the navigation system (1,070 €).

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