All Tests – Ducati Monster 1100 EVO Motorcycle Test: Bravo Evo! – Between traditionalism and modernism

Ducati Monster 1100 EVO motorcycle test: bravo the Evo !

All Tests - Ducati Monster 1100 EVO Motorcycle Test: Bravo Evo! - Between traditionalism and modernism

It’s not easy to develop an icon like "il Mostro" without risking to deviate from the original concept. Ducati succeeds yet once again with the new Monster 1100 Evo: a more efficient and modern roadster but still just as endearing !

Between traditionalism and modernism

Discovered in 1993, the Monster is to Ducati what the 911 is to Porsche: an iconic model with timeless lines. However, the price of such a success is inevitably high: like the famous German sports car, "Il Mostro" must constantly improve in order to continue to seduce, but without ever denying the fundamentals that distinguish it..

Masters in this very delicate exercise, Borgo Panigale engineers put the cover back in 2011 with the Monster 1100 Evo: only two years after its last upgrade (read our), the big rital roadster is undergoing a new transformation, proving by the way, Italians are not the type to stay with both feet in the same boot !

Faithful to the original concept, the essential air-cooled "Desmodue" appears tightly encased in a robust tubular trellis frame, while the compact and minimalist appearance of the whole in no way betrays the aesthetic canons posed by Miguel Galluzzi. . The general line is even lighter thanks to the displacement of the silencers from the rear shell to the right side, from where they emerge in a stacked position.

Connoisseurs will no doubt have already noticed the arrival of new Marchesini ten-spoke aluminum rims – with a practical elbow valve at the front – and the appearance of magnificent red stitching on the saddle. On the other hand, they will probably castigate just as quickly the abandonment of the pretty one-piece footrest plates in favor of much more common detached elements….

The quality of construction inspires respect: we particularly appreciate the impeccable welds of the chassis, the splendid single-arm and the rear aluminum buckle. Likewise, many details flatter the retina such as the stylish mirrors, the standard seat cowl or the mesh air intakes. Only the integration of a few cables and other ducts can still be improved, especially around the steering column..

Frankly attractive in its red dress barred with a white stripe, the 1100 Evo perpetuates this typically "Monsteresque" tradition of going straight to the point: despite the alterations made over time to remain trendy (front headlight redesigned and dressed, rear led lights, etc.), a Monster, it’s essentially two wheels, a big "Bi" and a handlebar! As on the M696 and M796, this one is also placed higher (+ 20 mm), while the rear buckle and the seat are redesigned..

Excellent news, as the old sloping saddle seemed intended only to test its tolerance to discomfort, via unpleasant compressions of the "family jewels" on the tank! By the way, the latter goes from 15 liters to 13.5 l: a damaging loss – especially since the indication of the fuel level still points to absent subscribers -, but made necessary to integrate the ABS boxes and of Ducati Traction Control (DTC).

Because as standard, the Monster 1100 Evo now embeds these disconnectable devices which are responsible for managing the loss of grip during braking and acceleration. And as the salivating high-end peripherals like the Marzocchi fork and the Sachs shock absorber or the Brembo radial brakes are renewed in their functions, the Ducati quite simply becomes one of the best-equipped roadsters in its category (read the box last page) !

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