All Tests – First Drive Ducati StreetFighter 848: small but tough – A small 132 horsepower Streetfighter

First test Ducati StreetFighter 848: small but strong

All Tests - First Drive Ducati StreetFighter 848: small but tough - A small 132 horsepower Streetfighter

Three years ago, Ducati launched its Streetfighter, a roadster closely derived from its Superbike 1098. This year, the Reds have adopted the same principle on their 848 … Site was able to test this novelty for 2012 at Ducati, in Bologna. Contact !

A small 132 horsepower Streetfighter

In November 2008, Ducati created the event by presenting at the EICMA in Milan neither more nor less than its 1098 without fairing! Responding to the sweet name of "Streetfighter" (read), this unexpected novelty had undoubtedly marked the spirits and "won the prize for the most beautiful motorcycle at the show", remind us the Italians.

But we have to admit that the stroke of a pencil – of a little Frenchman, Damien Basset! – was well inspired, giving the Ducat ‘its own identity, distinct both from the Monster brothers but also from Japanese or European competitors.

It is therefore quite logically and precisely that the Reds have taken again, feature for feature, the lines of the Streetfighter in this brand new 2012 version, driven by the engine of the "small" sports car 848.

Called one could not more clearly "Streetfighter 848", the new roadster of Bologna is not however satisfied to leave the fairing of the sporty 848 in the garage, since it adapts the distribution present on the two last models – boxes! – of the brand: Multistrada and Diavel.

The 848 Testastretta 11 °

Based on the "EVO" version of the 849.4 cc L-twin, the twin fitted to the new Streetfighter is indeed equipped with the 11 ° timing: "the simultaneous valve opening angle is, in degrees, the interval of crankshaft rotation during which the intake and exhaust valves are open at the same time", specify the transalpine engineers.

By way of comparison, the overlap – between the end of the exhaust cycle and the start of the intake cycle – of the pistarde engine is spread over 37 °: "high-performance motors, which require significant flexibility to efficiently deliver all of the power, work on this parameter to optimize the available volume", explains Ducati.

Conversely, on the Streetfighter 848 and its famous 11 °, "the intake (…) is less affected by the exhaust gases, which has the effect of stabilizing the explosion, lowering fuel consumption and reducing carbon emissions".

"Readjusted valve timing provides more torque over a wider range of use and increases ease of use while providing sufficient power at high rpm ", continues Ducati.

The maximum power should indeed be enough to have fun, since the mill of the new Ducati roadster develops 132 horsepower at 10,000 rpm, only 8 less than the Supersport and 22 less than the first version of the Streetfighter and its 1098 him too calm (read).

This reduction in power, in return for the gain in pleasure and usability – which we look forward to checking on 90 km of roads and then during two sessions on a brand new track in the Bologna region on the following pages! – therefore seems quite acceptable. It is even fully justified by the brand’s marketing managers..

Prevent the midlife crisis

Considered one of the most racy roadsters on the market, the first Streetfighter had the downside, according to its designers, of scaring many customers: "the "not excessively sporty" bikers who liked the concept asked for more practicality", noticed the Italians who even painted the typical profile of the owner of Streetfighter 848…

Thus, Ducati sets out to conquer new customers, experienced riders of around 36 years ("young people !", translated Ducati), followers of advanced technological solutions (hence the standard presence of Ducati Traction Control or DTC) and accustomed to using high-performance motorcycles.

Invited to the international launch of this new Ducati model, Site was therefore happy to check whether the Streetfighter 848 could meet the expectations of such a clientele, looking – somewhere – for a vaccine against the quarantine and a kind of toy for older children…

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