All Tests – First test Norge GT 8V: Moto Guzzi polishes up its road – Cut out for “the” roads

Norge GT 8V first test: Moto Guzzi tweaks its road

All Tests - First test Norge GT 8V: Moto Guzzi tweaks its road - Cut out for & quot; the & quot; roads

Five years after the arrival of its road called Norge 1200 GT in homage to the 1928 model, Moto Guzzi decides in 2011 to improve its Gran Turismo: the new Norge GT 8V is intended to be more efficient, from all points of view.. Contact: first try !

Cut for "the" roads

With a top speed of 139 km / h recorded by the on-board computer between two turns, Site certainly did not have the opportunity to test the length, width and width of the new Norge’s ability to shoot down highway kilometers.

Nevertheless, the saddle proved to be very comfortable throughout the course. The engine and its fairing offer good protection for the knees and shins, while the windscreen adjustable to the millimeter – thanks to buttons located on the handlebars and not on the stems – isolates the head from the air flow and shoulders.

The only limit concerns the vibrations felt at the tips of the feet and hands at around 4000 rpm. When sixth gear is engaged, the speed of the Norge is around 120 km / h: could journeys on expressways be affected? To be checked during a next MNC test, or with readers who own this bike !

Whether in a straight line or in a full curve, on an impeccable or rutted surface, the suspensions will undoubtedly satisfy all riders. The compromise is clearly focused on comfort, but the Norge GT 8V never comes apart and allows you to drive hard.

All the more so as the ground clearance of the new 2011 Norge (185 mm) – and "the new layout of the lower part", insist the Italians – allow to take angles that border on the unreasonable! It is necessary to have very beautiful roads and a certain motivation to scrape the footrests, the crutches remaining out of reach.

If the need arises all the same, during long journeys in duet and loaded in particular, the preloads of the fork and the shock absorber can be easily adjusted: at the level of the handlebars for the front element, via a dial for the back. Note that the single shock absorber is also adjustable in rebound.

Question braking, the right lever requires a slight adjustment time: quite soft at the start of the race, it only moderately accounts for the precise moment when the eight pistons (in all) attack the two front discs. Taking the brakes therefore requires a certain skill.

Then, do not hesitate to firmly grasp the front brake and assist the rear brake if you want to slow down the Norge effectively. In an emergency, falling on a slippery road surface will be avoided by the ABS delivered as standard: very insensitive to the controls, it lengthens the braking distances a little. But would we really do better if something went wrong ?!

A morning of driving – the afternoon was devoted to the new Stelvio: stay tuned! – on the beautiful roads and under the Tuscan sun thus allowed us to discover a Norge GT 8V quite able to compete against the best motorcycles of the GT segment, a certain BMW R1200RT in the lead.

Because this new Moto Guzzi offers its owner excellent performance on all types of road: the agility of the front axle will please in town, its excellent road holding will appeal to departmental roads, the playful character of its engine will delight on national roads and its protection. will shine on the highway.

Priced at € 14,990, the new Moto Guzzi Norge GT 8V is available now at all in black, white or gray.

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