All Tests – First test of the Kawasaki J300 scooter – A judicious alliance

Kawasaki J300 scooter first test

All Tests - First test of the Kawasaki J300 scooter - A judicious alliance

Both practical and efficient, the first Kawasaki scooter imported into Europe is a success thanks to its genes and its sporty lines, in line with the motorcycles of the Akashi brand. First try.

A judicious alliance

Kawasaki, the brand behind – among other things – some of the sharpest sports motorcycles in their category (ZX-6R and ZX-10R), gets down to the scooter ? Well yes: what seemed improbable a few years ago is now reality (read in particular our).

While Yamaha, Suzuki and Honda have long coexisted scooters and motorcycles in their range, this new Kawasaki J300 scooter materializes the arrival of the first scooter among the Greens. At least on the European market, since Akashi’s coat of arms already sells small, very specific models in Asia (two or three-speed Cubs).

About ten years ago, Kawasaki had also offered, but only in Japan, a 250 cc scooter designed on the basis of the Suzuki Burgman 250. This approach is now brought up to date, since this new J300 is also developed from a model from another manufacturer: in this case the Kymco X-Citing 300.

Why Kymco? Because Kawasaki has already collaborated with the Taiwanese brand to develop the KVF 300 quad. CQFD! But then: what differentiates this Kawasaki J300 from an X-Citing 300 – which, moreover, is no longer in the Kymco catalog because it was replaced by the X-Citing 400i in 2014 (read our)? On paper, not much…

The J300 retains the essential elements of the X-Citing 300 in its entirety, a 299 cc air-cooled single-cylinder engine with 28 hp and 28.7 Nm of torque and a tubular steel frame. First changes announced by Kawa: the saddle has been redesigned for the benefit of comfort, while the suspensions see their travel increase and their settings optimized for the same purpose.

But the change that is immediately obvious is to the credit of the design. And there, no doubt: Kawasaki is in charge of the operation! Visually, the scooter is rewarding. Through its three colors – varnished black, gray or biton black / green as an option – the J300 has a real "mouth". Connoisseurs will note its LED front and rear headlights, inspired by motorcycles in the range.

The quality of materials is remarkable, especially on the body side. The general line is distinguished with more right angles than curves, which allows the sporting spirit of the brand to be preserved. And it is precisely this kind of detail that should help the J300 to find a place in the shop window. No doubt that with this look, it will not be devoured by a Ninja or a Z800, on the contrary !

Although this is a scooter, we appreciate here as a whole that Kawasaki has taken care of the fit of the materials, as well as the good integration of the front and rear indicators which, on some other brands, are sometimes neglected positions..

On the J300, the premium spirit seems to have been a guideline. The front has a low bubble which reinforces the sporting aspect of the machine. Just behind, the handlebars unveil an aluminum coating which partly overshadows the somewhat "cheap" aspect of the commodos.

Finally, the apron offers a waterproof, lockable storage compartment with a 12V socket. You can easily slip a large phone into it. The key switch controls the opening of the saddle. The space in the trunk allows you to store a full-face helmet on the back and a small jet on the front part, provided it is really small.

Small disappointment: the plastic coating would have benefited from being covered with a carpet to avoid scratches … We comfort ourselves with a bluish LED type lighting which is activated when the saddle is opened: class and practical !

Still in terms of practicality, the Kawasaki scooter rider will be able to increase the load volume thanks to optional accessories such as the top-case (30, 39, or 47 liters) or the central Givi bag to be fixed on the central pontoon. , between the legs.

Before taking the handlebars, let’s finish this tour of the owner by mentioning the large passenger grab handles, the retractable footrests and the small black plastic wheel washer, discreet but very effective in rainy weather..

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