All Tests – First test of the Kawasaki J300 scooter – Nervous and comfortable

Kawasaki J300 scooter first test

All Tests - First test of the Kawasaki J300 scooter - Nervous and comfortable

Both practical and efficient, the first Kawasaki scooter imported into Europe is a success thanks to its genes and its sporty lines, in line with the motorcycles of the Akashi brand. First try.

Nervous and comfortable

As mentioned previously, what marks the most at the start is the nervous side of the J300. But not in the bad sense of the word, quite the contrary, even if the throttle response is straightforward and without downtime !

At the slightest rotation of the accelerator, the Kawasaki scooter leaps forward to fit easily into traffic. In town, the whole is rather well balanced, while the very good grip offered by the Maxxis Pro tires gives you confidence during the first meters covered in the wet..

This detail will be appreciated throughout our journey on the beautiful roads of Faro (Portugal), copiously soaked by persistent showers..

Up to 100 km / h, the J300 seems to hold the comparison with maxi-scooters of 500 and 650 cc in terms of acceleration. Lack of "maxi" on the spot to compare, impossible to give a definitive ruling, but the performance gap does not jump with the helmet up to this pace.

These dynamic services should satisfy commuters forced to go through the "fast lanes" box and who wish to engage there with sufficient mechanical resources..

Launched at full load, the new J300 tickles the switch located at 160 km / h meter. Here too, the result is rather bluffing insofar as its engine has only 28 hp to tow the 191 kg of the whole, to which is naturally added the weight of the pilot..

Equally positive, its chassis offers a grip fairly consistent with what is expected of a scooter: simple and fast. Its stability is good and ground clearance, often limited on certain scooters, is not one of the factors limiting arousal..

Ditto for the ABS installed as standard, which avoids any jamming of the 260 mm disc at the front and 240 mm at the rear. Thus, even if the braking is not coupled, the Bosch anti-lock brake is sufficiently well calibrated to offer rapid decelerations, not disturbed by an untimely entry into action of the device..

Note that the brake levers each have a wheel spacing adjustment, so as to adapt to all hands. Finally, side suspensions, the whole reacts healthily but with a touch of firmness … as on many Kawasaki motorcycles !

In return, this setting gives the J300 a dynamic sporty behavior in curves, especially in terms of stability. Fortunately, the excellent comfort of the new saddle absorbs a lot of small shocks, even if that is not always enough..

And as the passenger seat seems just as comfortable, all you have to do is seduce your guest with the successful lines of this new scooter in Akashi sauce !

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