All Tests – First test of the Peugeot Vivacity 125: a very urban scooter! – The legacy of Vivacity 50

Peugeot Vivacity 125 first test: a very urban scooter !

All Tests - First test of the Peugeot Vivacity 125: a very urban scooter! - The legacy of Vivacity 50

The range of Peugeot 125 scooters is expanding with the 125 cc version of the renowned Vivacity: between the Sum-Up and the Satelis, this new scooter intends to combine the advantages of "Developed in France" and "Made in China" dear to the Mark. First try.

The legacy of Vivacity 50

No doubt about it: Peugeot’s new scooter is a Vivacity. No need to know the range of the French manufacturer on the tip of the gloves or take a very close interest in 50 cc scooters to realize that the lines of the 125 are modeled on those of the 50 cc.

The size of the 125 is hardly more imposing than that of the 50 (+80 mm wheelbase, due in particular to the larger engine) and the counter unit of the small scooter was directly grafted onto its big brother..

This element is very successful: complete (fuel gauge, clock, exterior temperature, odometer, trip, indicator lights, engine and oil …), it takes an elegant bluish tint at night or in the tunnels. Between versions 50 and 125, only the graduations of the speedometer change: 100 km / h maximum for the 50 cc against 140 for the 125 cc … They are crazy, these Francs-Comtois !

Whether it is "Cherry" red, "Icy" white, "Ivory" white or finally pearly black, the Vivacity 125 retains its typical Peugeot signature face, with particularly classy rear lights. Assembled in China, this new French scooter remains nonetheless well finished even if we note here and there the presence of small clues betraying its real origin: the pot and its too apparent screws, the stems and some low plastics. range, the chrome kick a little old-fashioned – but which works perfectly – as well as suspensions and their supports of very thin appearance.

But from a general point of view, it is clear that the latest Peugeot does not swear alongside its Franco-French cousin, the classy Satelis. Facing it, the Vivacity 125 even has some interesting assets for those who want to patrol the city … In the saddle !

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