All Tests – First test of the Peugeot Vivacity 125: a very urban scooter! – A little tight in performance but pleasant

Peugeot Vivacity 125 first test: a very urban scooter !

All Tests - First test of the Peugeot Vivacity 125: a very urban scooter! - A little tight in performance but pleasant

The range of Peugeot 125 scooters is expanding with the 125 cc version of the renowned Vivacity: between the Sum-Up and the Satelis, this new scooter intends to combine the advantages of "Developed in France" and "Made in China" dear to the Mark. First try.

A little tight in performance but pleasant

The acceleration and resumption are far from overwhelming and a slight latency in the go-around requires even greater anticipation. On expressways, 80 km / h are reached without too many problems, but the 90 "counter" requires a little patience..

Naturally, this lack of fishing is relative and compared to its 50 cc bridled brother, the 125 cc allows you to defend your place much better in the middle of traffic! In addition, the average user of the Vivacity 125 will not seek to tax the 1700 Vmax at 400 m standing start, or to vacuum the Hayabusa 1300 that he might meet on his scooto-work-sleep trip. We can in any case hope so !

Moreover, the modifications made to the small Chinese mill – still built there, but the Peugeot teams are watching – did not aim to increase its power or torque..

"We fitted it with a new belt with better heat resistance, a carburetor heater with thermal switch for winter starts, a new softer clutch and increasing the top speed by about 5 km / h (90 km / h chrono according to the homologation, editor’s note) and a new air filter to further limit water infiltration", specifies the Vivacity 125 project manager.

In use, the Vivacity engine is ultimately pleasant because it is not very noisy, sufficiently alert and relatively economical (its official average consumption is 3.4 l / 100 km). In fact, it is hardly until stationary that the single cylinder is noticed: it makes the buttocks, hands and foot vibrate a little too much – only one foot, well yes, otherwise we break our mouths…

In terms of comfort and handling, we must congratulate Peugeot Scooters and its fair play: by choosing Lisbon – to which we would gladly grant the title of "the least well-coated capital in Europe" – the manufacturer has knowingly exposed itself to the worst driving conditions.

Everything is there: in addition to their incredible relief – which made a strong contribution to the small Franco-Chinese engine! -, the streets of the Portuguese capital are full of tram rails, bumps, gaping holes, slippery cobblestones and other questionable connections … Enough to test the suspensions and small wheels (12 inches) of the Vivacity 125 !

Comfortable, at the same time very agile and stable on a smooth surface, the new Peugeot scooter did not resist the bumpy avenues and the rather rutted alleys of "Lisboa": the small fork quickly surrendered and passing over cobblestones, we even come to let go of the handlebars to spare the mechanism of his watch !

The two rear shocks, however, thwarted the pitfalls of our Portuguese course a little longer. Only real crevices – steps of a few centimeters! – give the pilot unpleasant shocks at the rear end.

However, the performance of the cycle part is equal to that of the engine and does not endanger the safety of the driver. Unless you are unconscious and constantly riding open-ended wherever you are, you can’t really complain about the lack of bite from the brakes (front disc and rear drum) and the grip needed to perform. braking worthy of Alex Barros…

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