All Tests – First test of the Peugeot Vivacity 125: a very urban scooter! – Extremely practical and inexpensive

Peugeot Vivacity 125 first test: a very urban scooter !

All Tests - First test of the Peugeot Vivacity 125: a very urban scooter! - Extremely practical and inexpensive

The range of Peugeot 125 scooters is expanding with the 125 cc version of the renowned Vivacity: between the Sum-Up and the Satelis, this new scooter intends to combine the advantages of "Developed in France" and "Made in China" dear to the Mark. First try.

Extremely practical and inexpensive

On the practical side, the Vivacity defends itself in a particularly brilliant way in terms of storage! Bikers used to stuffing themselves with even the smallest disk block in their bag will be amazed: the new Peugeot 125 scooter offers a capacity of 35 liters !

This impressive volume is divided into two spaces: a chest hidden in the front face can accommodate a half-jet screen while the one located under the saddle easily accommodates a real full-face helmet (a Shoei XR1100, in this case).

We will appreciate in the first trunk the presence of foams on the hood that prevent damaging the paint of his helmet, and in the second the presence of a 12V socket to recharge his cell phone or GPS in case of a hard blow. The most suspicious will just regret that the front trunk does not lock: the opening button is just protected by the handlebar cover when the "Neiman" is engaged.

The Vivacity is also equipped as standard with two crutches: the central allows a perfectly stable parking but requires a hint of effort or synchronization to lift the scooter. As for the lateral, we will be wary of its too sharp automatic return: alerted by journalists on this point, the French engineers have promised to look into the problem. !

Another reason for satisfaction: the mirrors! The pilot has excellent vision of what is going on behind – even just behind – and does not vibrate. The vision / width compromise of the mirrors is perfect: "well seen", Peugeot !

Finally, last point: the duo. The passenger benefits from one of the most beautiful parts – if not "the" most beautiful – of the Vivacity: the aluminum grab handles, please! In addition to being pretty, they allow you to hold onto the scooter firmly and naturally.

The feet of the "co-pilot" are a little less welcome: the integrated footrests are too discreet and the fairing cuts the ankles a little, but to go to the cinema next door it is more than enough, especially since we can leave the two helmets, pairs of gloves or even big shoes in the scooter !

To conclude, remember that the Vivacity does not play in the same category as the tenors of the 125 cc market such as the Xmax, Satelis, Burgman, XEvo or S-Wing. The Vivacity 125 is at the same time less nervous, slower and less comfortable than these scooters.

But for almost half the price (!), Motorists tired of traffic jams – or bikers wishing to relieve their darling large displacement on a daily basis – can without hesitation be tempted. The only real sine qua non condition: not having too long incursions on expressways … and not living in Lisbon !

As for those who regret not being able to buy a Peugeot 100% "made in France", or who would like to benefit from an even more polished finish and better performance without having to pay the 3799 € (minimum) for a Satelis 125, Peugeot Scooter gives them an appointment at the back-to-school shows (in Milan, Cologne, Paris?!), To discover a new "Compact GT, in the philosophy of an Elystar"(read).

With the e-Vivacity, a 100% electric scooter also to be discovered at the end of 2010 (read again!), The Peugeot range will therefore be complete…

Although: in France, the country of adoption of the Piaggio MP3, we are still awaiting news of the Hybrid 3 Evolution (read) … No information filtered out during the launch of the Vivacity 125: everything in its time! So many cases to follow on the Site: stay connected…

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