All Tests – First test of the Peugeot Vivacity 125: a very urban scooter! – Unstoppable arguments in town

Peugeot Vivacity 125 first test: a very urban scooter !

All Tests - First test of the Peugeot Vivacity 125: a very urban scooter! - Unstoppable arguments in town

The range of Peugeot 125 scooters is expanding with the 125 cc version of the renowned Vivacity: between the Sum-Up and the Satelis, this new scooter intends to combine the advantages of "Developed in France" and "Made in China" dear to the Mark. First try.

Unstoppable arguments in town

The two main arguments of the Vivacity 125 compared to the 125 GT are due to its size and its weight: you get on the new Peugeot and then you handle it exactly like a 50 cc. So much so that the 118 kg empty (to which we must add in particular 7.5 liters of gasoline) announced by the manufacturer seem overestimated compared to the 160 kg dry (+13.2 l of fuel) of the Satelis, for example example.

In addition, the limited saddle height of 790 mm and the fineness of the Vivacity 125 make it more accessible to small riders – and female riders! – than a Satelis, whose saddle is certainly located 6 mm lower but which is much wider in terms of the seat and feet.

However, adults will not feel cramped: the legs of a driver of 1m90 find their place perfectly and provided you step back a little on the long saddle, you can even evolve in a similar-custom position, spikes raised feet !

Mainly cut for the city, the Vivacity offers an upper body protection close to zero: the most courageous commuters – even reckless! – who will undertake "long" journeys on his handlebars will not fail to equip their scooter with a high windshield.

A short downpour, on the other hand, allowed us to see that the legs are properly protected from minor bad weather. Finally, we regret the absence of warning allowing to slip more carefully between the lines.

Too bad, because the Vivacity plays wonderfully with traffic thanks to its small size, extreme agility and excellent turning radius. It is therefore very rare not to be able to reach pole position at lights and stops. But if in front of cars, the holeshot is possible, it is not the same vis-à-vis other scooters or motorcycles !

Because the valiant 125 cc 4-stroke 2-valve air-cooled Qinjqi origin – that of the Sum-Up, therefore! – although it has been reviewed and corrected by French engineers, it does not offer anything to rave about "pure performance" question…

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