All Tests – Honda CBR600F first test: a Hornet with Fireblade sauce – A CBR above all

Honda CBR600F first test: a Hornet with Fireblade sauce

All Tests - Honda CBR600F first test: a Hornet with Fireblade sauce - A CBR above all

Surprised guest at the press launch of the new Honda CBR600F, the rain prevented the Site from having fun … but not from working! In fact, the bad weather even allowed us to better understand this faired 2011 Hornet.. First contact.

A CBR above all

On the road – wet the day before, unfortunately – the new Honda is particularly docile. The thighs firmly pinch the new side covers, the bust is slightly tilted forward, the buttocks are wedged on the rear part of the saddle.

The latter, narrow in its front part to allow the short legs to touch the ground, is not sufficiently padded to remain comfortable during long trips: 60 km in one go and already the buttocks ask to change position.

Under the saddle, the same fight: no room to put on a rain suit – too bad, it is starting to rain! -, just enough to house a U (available as an accessory at 119 €, read the last page of the test), the tool kit and the owner’s manual. This novelty is indeed a sport, and not a road !

In addition, the CBR600F suffers from the same illness as the Hornet: around 7000 rpm, unpleasant vibrations appear at the level of the seat and the levers. It is all the more regrettable that at this precise speed in 6th gear, the Honda – "the" two Hondas since their gear ratios are scrupulously identical – reaches 140 km / h counter.

Fortunately, the Spanish government had the chic idea of ​​limiting motorway speed to 110 km / h. At this speed, no sizzling, the "little" 4-cylinder Honda purrs gently at 5500 rpm. Still on the motorway, cutting through the increasingly humid air, the fairing seems to increase the already remarkable stability of the Hornet and above all significantly improves the protection of the pilot..

Provided you retract your shoulders properly and lower your head about fifteen centimeters, the bubble allows you to isolate yourself from the wind. By pressing against the tank, it is even possible to protect yourself from small showers.

Too bad, however, that the original bubble is so small. "It is true that in competition, the bubbles are higher", recognizes Valerio d’Aiello, designer of the CBR600F,"but this gives a smoother and lighter line … and then a high screen is available as an accessory !"he concludes with mischief.

When the weather turns stormy – which is our case – the protection of the fairing also shows its limits. The shins are widely exposed, the knees are only half hidden, so the pilot’s pants quickly get soaked. Further proof of the more "sport" rather than "road" positioning of the CBR600F !

Like the big drops that suddenly hit the superb roads around Seville – Grrr -, the pace drops sharply. A thin film of water covers the coating and considerably reduces cornering.

Nevertheless, the Bridgestone BT012 that the CBR600F originally wears are up to the task and allow you to regain confidence: the excellent Honda C-ABS coupled braking system does not intervene until very late, proving that the grip is there. you.

On a secondary network – limited to 80 km / h – the CBR600F has a pleasing ability to trace the road. Admittedly, the bad weather did not allow us to exploit the full potential of this new sports car, but knowing the capabilities of the original Hornet (read our), we do not worry about the road and even track skills of the latter. Honda…

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