Motorcycling at the weekend and public holidays soon prohibited? Countries suggest plan

Noise protection as reason

Federal countries want to ban motorcyclists on weekends and public holidays

Motorcycling at the weekend and public holidays soon prohibited? Countries suggest plan-motorcycling

Source: Pixabay / Splitshire Federal Council wants motorcycle ban: but electric motorcycles should benefit

Motorcycles should be less noise after the will of the Federal Council in the future. But the suggestions of the Country Camps go even further – motorcycling could be banned on Sundays and public holidays.

The country chamber wants to use after a decision from Friday that the permissible noise emissions of all new vehicles is limited. In the future, a maximum value of 80 decibels (DB / A) should apply, which corresponds approximately to the volume of a passing truck or a lawn mower. The countries want policemen vehicles to ensure "serious noise overruns" immediately.

Driving bans for motorcycles on Sundays and public holidays

In addition, Tuning should be punished harder when the motorcycle becomes considerably louder. The sound design, via which driver can set the noise choice, should be prohibited.

The countries also want to enable restricted motorcycle driving bans on Sundays and public holidays. The resolution of the Federal Council now goes to the Federal Government. This decides if and when you want to implement the suggestion. Fixed deadlines are not available for this.

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Green: "Important stage in noise protection"

Baden-Wurttemberg’s Transport Minister Winfried Hermann (Greens) was satisfied on Friday. It was an important stage in protection against motorcycle noise. "But we have not reached the destination yet. Also, if country and municipalities exploit everything, which is possible legally, much more needs to be done."

Motorcycles would have to be driven quieter and quieter. "Ruthless driving must have clearer consequences," said Hermann. "For this, the legal requirements have to be expanded. In particular, the federal level and Europe are in demand here."

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Motorcycling at the weekend and public holidays soon prohibited? Countries suggest plan-motorcycling

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Association criticizes discrimination of motorcyclists

The Federal Association of Motorcyclists (BVDM) also sees traffic noise as a problem – but requires that all vehicles are included in problem solving. "What we refuse and can not understand is the unilateral focus on noise on the motorcycles," said the chairman Michael Lenzen.

"Here we clearly see a discrimination of motorcyclists."It was a UNING to scissors more than four million motorcyclists due to misconduct of a minority about a comb. "For motorists, for example with the illegal road races in cities, are also targeted against the polluters. Here must be the same right for all."

Noise research supports prohibitions

The Hagener’s Environmental Psychologist and Noise Impact Research Dirk Schreckenberg sees the Federal Council resolution as a step in the right direction. So far, the topic had been ignored and more neglected. Motorcycle noise is a big problem – especially in rural areas, says Schreckenberg.

Motorcycle traffic Here are withstands of the other people who are there: tourists who want to recover and residents who have decided to live in peace in the country.

"And also at times in which one has special rest rights – on weekends, especially on Sunday."Whether limiting the problem really solves, but remain sighting. "Because if this reduces the number of motorcycles on the streets, you can not say yet – probably not rather," said Schreckenberg.

Expert: Noise must be considered differently

In addition to the noise limitation on the vehicle itself, the expert sees another need: The noise pollution caused by motorcycles would have to be detected in effectively. Because motorcycle noise, especially on weekends in the summer, brain people, the annual average value that has been collected so far was not meaningful, said Schreckenberg.

Research show that with the noise level of one "Summer sunday" The harassment for the residents was much better predicted than with the annual level. You can be based on the measurement of aircraft noise: for this, instead of the annual average, a continuous sound level from the flight movements in the summer months, ie months with the most air traffic, is already determined.

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Motorcycling at the weekend and public holidays soon prohibited? Countries suggest plan-holidays

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12 thoughts on “Motorcycling at the weekend and public holidays soon prohibited? Countries suggest plan

  1. That’s long overdue!
    A very good proposal. Motorcycles are generally not on the streets. They are meaningless! … A very good proposal. Motorcycles are generally not on the streets. They are completely sense! The make noise, consume fuel and pest the environment. In addition, they are highly dangerous because the fewest drivers are so unimportant things like traffic rules. Recently, I had one thing again, which apparently behind me "for fun" Snake lines went and so that others was totally irritated. Then you suddenly have at the red traffic light one on the same track, or overtaking between the cars through. Outside the city will come to a time on your own trace, because you, too "fun", by the curves… Actually, you do not need it. Completely ban the most meaningful

  2. anniversary
    In 2 days this comment will be 1 year old and everything was only worse through more motorcyclists. The legal noise pollution must also be significantly reduced. One can only hope that a new federal government finally accepts this topic.

  3. something of…….
    My dear biker opponents. Proposal: You do not miss a neat among drivers, then we can help it. There are no cars that are too loud? May the omdimer drivers can continue to work their stinky and environmentally harmful carts on the weekends through nature, while the under biker, who succumbed for example during the week three layers, at the weekend into the tube? About whom you read the constantly, for example, these city races, partly with death sequences? Are there bikers or motorists over which one daily from "Alcohol at tax" reads? driver escape? Driving without a certificate? Draining, reflectionlessness over pedestrians / cyclists? Definitely in the ratio of 1: 200 or higher it is the motorists. and you want to start bikers thereto? You change first!!!!

  4. I will
    Let me say goodbye to me as a green voter. One of the few things in life that can still be enjoyed, should now be banned through energetic influence of my ex-party, but without my support.

  5. There are elections, but to move something
    you have to go there and make cross. However, it was said when I talk some guys with the rate-financed 500 BLENDAX that you mean that one is the king when you pull the handle on a wire and the cart is roared, it may be appropriate that the ladies and gentlemen biker times with each other something like an honorary code putting on and control each other. But if you meet groups in which sometimes three do without light do I ask myself how far it is with the budget if he does not give his back to the part of more security by indicating light to him, so you will see better. When engineers are tinkering with engine and exhaust to get maximum driving characteristics. And a guy means to improve this by degradation

  6. If authorities have a long time….
    I am a motorcyclist yourself and can only shake with the head. We live directly at the city border on a street. What you do not hear are loud motorcycles no matter what time. The only thing you hear here are trucks and tuned cars that are much louder than a too loud motorcycle of 100. They should rather take care of more important ones. Z.b. If here with us at 3 o’clock only so the trucks fires the road long or any idiots use the parking lots here with their PKS as Open Air Disco. the fact is… We have CA in Germany. 4 million approved motorcycles, which are too loud, are mostly Harleys or idiots which simply modify the rear silencers. What percentage does that matter ? 5, 10 ??? A joke !

  7. Overall too loud
    It is now that in recent years has been added to low-noise protection from the motorcycle manufacturers. The special exhaust systems, where you can change with a handle of quietly on loud (unscrewed part in the size of half a curry sausage) are banned anyway, but normal motorcycles could be quieter. My Suzuki V-Strom 1000 BJ. 2017 is up to 4.000 rpm relatively quiet, but from 4.500 rpm will be much louder. Innort does not matter to me because I always under 3.000 rpm lying, but when accelerating on the mountain she could be quiet until 6.000 rpm a little quieter.

  8. Let me be good…
    There are not the series machines but the DB killer upgrade and I have mega-coal-Harley-flap exhaust fanatics who have to pay attention to the most reckless. If you can not go well, you just have to draw your attention with noise. You should simply make sound checks and crash strongly. Each WE. Only this language is understood !!!

  9. It is always grotescher.
    You use the Corona Pandemic to finally enforce the wishes of some politicians. In all areas. Prohibitions for prohibitions. Everything where you have previously difficulty you want to put through it now in the tailwind of Corona. The population is already accustomed to life with restrictions and forbidden. Since you can quickly push unpopular stuff with.It’s like a WM or EM. So the way of thinking. Not correct. People now know the game and are sensitized during such times. Corona passes over and you will not forget which politicians had such thought games. And reward. Of course, the prohibition party is NR. 1 also at the front.

  10. Total nonsense
    I am motorcyclist and am also one of those who are good and happy to screw on bike. Yes, I also connect another exhaust. But I’m not louder than a truck or lawn mower. It is still on the driving style. I drive 50 km / h in the first gear is the mopete of course louder than anything else. But I drive 50 in the fifth gear, I am so quiet as a normal vehicle. I am also honing the friend of banning people driving which deliberately roars their engines. Not only a bus money, no bike and cardboard. 1 year min. Tunned cars and drivers should then join the same, which are partly even louder vehicles. Since I will not be able to keep up with my replacement exhaust. Therefore my conclusion " Total nonsense ".

  11. Absolutely incomprehensible
    I drive every day with the motorcycle to work – except natural with ice and snow. If I want to make a relaxing trip on the weekend in good weather, this should be banned? Then I wonder if the politicians are still seeing clear pictures??? Take care of the true problems. In any case, I recommend the online petition on this topic.

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