All Tests – Introducing the MP3 Hybrid – The first hybrid “two-wheeler”

Getting in touch with the MP3 Hybrid

All Tests - Introducing the MP3 Hybrid - The first & quot; two-wheeler & quot; hybrid

The best-selling two-wheeler in France today – yes! -, the Piaggio MP3 arrives this fall with a new technology on the market: the hybrid! Site was able to test it a few days before its arrival at the dealership: first impressions !

The first hybrid "two-wheeler"

"MP3 is incredibly successful in France", rejoices Marcel Driessen, the new CEO of Piaggio France (read and our).

This is why Piaggio does not hesitate to throw in numbers when presenting to the press its very latest: the MP3 Hybrid..

Thus in three years, since the arrival in October 2006 of the MP3 125 (read our), some 23,043 three-wheeled scooters – the MP3 125, 250, 400, Fuoco 500, MP3 LT 250 and 400 – have been sold in France. . During the first eight months of this year, these MP3s even devoured "16% market share in scooters over 50 cc".

While Italian drivers are currently buying their very first MP3 Hybrids, Piaggio invited the French press to discover this real novelty for 2010 during a quick test drive in the capital.

Unveiled in July (read), the MP3 Hybrid is the very first scooter – and even the very first "two-wheeler" – to be equipped with dual gasoline / electric engines..

A revolution which is reflected externally by new colors and a new decoration, as well as by the – moderate – widening of the transmission casing. For the untrained eye, the MP3 Hybrid therefore differs above all from its brothers by its very trendy white color and by the bitons color of its saddle and its plastics..

In appearance, the new Piaggio MP3 Hybrid makes a good impression: although there are still many visible screws, the front face inherited from the LT, the texture of the plastics and the new touches of blue made here and there make it a good scooter. finished and very classy.

Regular MP3 players will notice the migration of two buttons – warning and trunk opening – from the outside of the handlebars towards its center, in order to give way to two new buttons specific to the new motorization of the scooter: a "horn" less toned as the horn and an intriguing "Hy Tech" button…

The 125 cc 4-stroke 4-valve single cylinder with electronic injection and "Ride by Wire" is therefore now supported by an electric motor (you know the principle, but if necessary do not hesitate to read it again).

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