All Tests – More beautiful life! – In action: easy going!

More beautiful life !

All Tests - More beautiful life! - In action: easy going!

A stripped-down version of the Diversion, the new XJ6 is on track to take over the fundamentals of its illustrious lineage, while boosting an image often seen as too wise. Who says basics can’t be sexy and fun? ?

In action: easy going !

It is on a hot day in the Southern Hemisphere that our first contact will take place: 300 kilometers in "terra australis incognita" on the handlebars of this new XJ6 "Naked" should allow us to measure the relevance of the progress made by Yamaha. When opening, it is the reduced dimensions and the ultra compact format – despite a classic wheelbase of 1440 mm – that call out when discovering the machine..

Admittedly, the older ones will be able to sigh in front of this minimalist ergonomics, but the grip remains quite natural with a triangle handlebar, saddle, footrest which does not call for any particular criticism..

At idle, the very discreet growl of the four-cylinder has nothing much to do with the angry vocalizations of the R6 from which it is derived: the XJ6 is handled with simplicity and from the first meters, the delicacy of the gear selector. speeds suggests a tendency towards smoothness, a priori in phase with the target clientele.

Like any mid-displacement "four in line", the front thrust 3,500 rpm is contained, giving the XJ6 a good level of ease in urban settings without leaving lasting memories..

Tested without ABS, the dual piston calipers clamping 298 mm discs give off a pleasant feeling of security and respond with firmness – but without brutality – to all requests from the pilot. Despite a fork that we would have preferred a firmer notch, the steering remains healthy at low speed, while the rear damping shows a certain laziness..

Succeeding in the city, small country roads – where gear changes, sudden acceleration and changes of course multiply – give the opportunity to test the liveliness of this average displacement. The XJ6 then straightens its head at mid-range and reveals an angry and pleasant side, especially in the graduations between 6,000 rpm and 10,000 rpm.

Joyful on small roads, the cycle part of the XJ6 demonstrates dynamic qualities of very good quality (despite a standard setting of the compression of the shock absorber too spongy). With a front easy to register on trajectories subject to correction, it provides perfect emergency braking with the punch.

On long stints, the firmness of the saddle associated with the softness of the rear suspension punishes those who have not been able to spare themselves moments of rest, even if the almost 18 liters of fuel and the acceptable consumption at a sustained pace allow long journeys.

Equipped with readable and complete instrumentation stitched on the FZ6 and an optic that promises good night visibility, the XJ6 exudes a rather flattering rigor of manufacture, thereby demonstrating that economy and finishes are not definitely incompatible. !

Thus, all smooth or honeycomb plastics, such as gloss or satin varnishes, do not suffer from any approximation and would not mismatch on other more "high-end" machines. !

This quality, which is added to a reputation of Yamaha assembly recognized to endure with the honors the ravages of time, allows to predict to the XJ6 "Naked" and Diversion a long career without a hitch and an ability to render service without weakening..

In addition to ABS, Yamaha offers a whole range of accessories created for this new motorcycle so that everyone can equip it in their own image. Too bad, given its vocation, that the central stand is one of the options !

The rates

  • XJ6 Naked: € 6,149

  • XJ6 Naked ABS: € 6,549

  • XJ6 S (Diversion): € 6,549

  • XJ6 S (Diversion) ABS: € 6,949
  • In addition, the lack of life of the mill below 3,500 rpm may tire fans of sensations, while followers of travel and style will regret an uncomfortable saddle and a color chart limited to white, yellow and black on the XJ6 and blue, gray and red on the Diversion.

    But in these times of crisis, Yamaha‘s effort to offer an economical (€ 6,149 without ABS), credible and attractive alternative to the ER-6N, Bandit 650, CBF 600 and other Gladius can only be welcomed. !

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