All Tests – More beautiful life! – The return of a myth

More beautiful life !

All Tests - More beautiful life! - The return of a myth

A stripped-down version of the Diversion, the new XJ6 is on track to take over the fundamentals of its illustrious lineage, while boosting an image often seen as too wise. Who says basics can’t be sexy and fun? ?

The return of a myth

At the evocation of the now legendary name "XJ", some nostalgic people will no doubt have ticked off, imagining the return of the 650 cardan joint from the 80s, including the placid turbo version from 1982 and its 90 hp at 9,000 rpm …

The new XJ6s, however, have nothing in common with this distant ancestor! We must rather look at the Diversion of 1991, so difficult to bring up to catalytic standards that it was abandoned and replaced – with success – by a Fazer 600 with the engine directly taken from the R6 in 2003..

Inheriting the know-how acquired with these two successes of the firm with three tuning forks, the Yamaha XJ6 plays on the register of basic inexpensive and easy to take in hand, with in particular an accessible maximum power of 78 hp at 10,000 rev / mn, halfway between the 61 hp of the old XJ 600 and the 98 hp of the current Fazer.

Seriously re-styled for 2009, the Yamaha mid-capacity returns to capture a brand new customer base, looking for a machine capable of long journeys, of sneaking through the heart of cities and likely to realize a nascent passion ( or found!) for the motorcycle. Considerate, it comes in two versions: XJ6 "Naked" without fairing (read) and XJ6 Diversion (read).

Make something new with something solid

In search of a simple and profitable solution to revive its XJ, the team in charge of the project chose to deflate the boiler of the FZ6 by about twenty cannons, so as to make it very affordable via a curve. power without violence, delivering generous torque from the lowest revs (6.1 mkg at 8,500 rpm).

To achieve this result, certain components have been thoroughly revised such as narrower intake ducts, the timing of the distribution, the cylinder head with high compression ratio or the injection mapping. Yamaha was obviously not satisfied with an engine transplant for its XJ6, as proven by the torque and compression values ​​(12.2: 1) finally not very far from the original engine of 98 hp !

The new "diamond" type frame made of steel tubes uses the engine to increase its rigidity and a clever arrangement of the components makes it possible to achieve the compactness and narrowness dictated by the specifications. As for the classic 41mm fork and type rear suspension Monocross latest generation, they contribute by their simplicity to the general feeling of robustness exuded by the XJ6.

Designed with the aim of offering comfort, torque and ease of driving, the new Yamaha XJ6 brilliantly adopts a modern style, well put forward by its type 4 in 2 in 1 exhaust line leading to a unique silencer catalyzed under the framework. The overall line is fluid, skillfully blending taut lines and worked curves, while the saddle offers a smooth and comfortable appearance. But an appearance only…

Planned to offer ABS as an option, will these new Yamaha mid-size engines appeal to their own customers? First elements of response…

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