All Tests – Skyliner S and Majesty S Test: more beautiful the city – His Majesty’s return to Yamaha

Skyliner S and Majesty S test: more beautiful the city

All Tests - Skyliner S and Majesty S Test: more beautiful the city - His Majesty's return to Yamaha

This summer, MBK and Yamaha are simultaneously launching their new urban scooters: the Skyliner S and the Majesty S. Identical in all respects, these two 2014 novelties are presented as perfect vehicles for driving in the city.. Test between two showers !

His Majesty’s return to Yamaha

In 2005, the Majesty was in France the king of 125 scooters and motorcycles in general with 7183 registrations, against 7160 for the Kawasaki Z750 and 7035 for the Piaggio X8 (read our). The following year however (read our), the Yamaha top model was dethroned by his young brother: the Xmax, which currently remains the benchmark in terms of two-wheeled scooters (read our).

Skyliner S / Majesty S: availability, colors and price

  • Availability: immediate in networks and

  • Colors: Matte gray, Black or White (Yamaha only)

  • Price: € 3,490

"We are proud of the leadership position of the Xmax in France, its country of origin.", underlines the marketing director of Yamaha Motor France Alexandre Kowalski, in introduction to the press presentation of the new version of the Majesty…

In 2014, the Majesty – called Skyliner at MBK – reappears in the catalog (s), this time decked out with an "S" suffix which means that it is no longer cut for the GT, but for the "small tourism" ! Thanks to its new "Small" size, this 125 scooter intends to convince urban drivers … and urban female drivers.

"We are targeting a 30% female clientele", explains the spokesperson for the Blues,"while it does not exceed 10% on the global market". The floors of the new Majesty and Skyliner are mainly flat for the ladies….

A flat floor is indeed very practical when wearing a skirt transporting shopping bags, which can be suspended or stabilized via the lashing hook! In addition, this floor makes it easier to get on the machine: no large central pontoon, just lift your leg slightly.

The large floor also allows everyone to place both feet where they want. Site, for example, tried to center her two feet as much as possible – size 44 girl – during the three thunderstorms wiped in just twenty kilometers !

Drivers with long thighbones will, however, be less free on board this new scooter. Especially since the double-stage saddle prevents the pilot from grabbing the few missing centimeters on the rear part, reserved for the single passenger.

Less wide than on so-called "GT" scooters, the Majesty S / Skyliner S’s apron offers however acceptable protection. This is not the case with the elegant windshield which overhangs it: it struggles to protect the bust from the wind on expressways and unfortunately cannot be raised..

But this lack of adjustment can not be considered as a real fault because this new scooter is not cut for the "commuters" (these followers of the scooto-work-dodo) of the big suburbs, but for their cousins ​​of the city centers perpetually. bottled.

The new Majesty / Skyliner has just one turning radius – excellent – when it comes to traffic in metropolitan areas. With these rikiki dimensions (see the technical sheet on the last page), the scooter can slip into bike holes and progress faster than cars, motorcycles or maxiscooters.

Very compact, this 2014 novelty is not "very" light for all that: the scales of the two manufacturers show 148 kg fully loaded. We are therefore closer to the 169 kg of the Xmax / Evolis than the 98 kg of the Flipper / D’elight or the 102 kg of the .

The Yamaha / MBK scooter is nevertheless very easy to maneuver with the engine off. Good point also: it does not require a lot of effort to post it on its central stand, delivered as standard in addition to the lateral which is also easily deployed..

Likewise, the seat is both low enough (795 mm) and thin to put the smallest drivers at ease. The setting on the angle is soft and progressive – which will reassure the neophytes in their first curves – and the agility of the machine is diabolical – which will please everyone !

The instructions for use of the Franco-Japanese twins "Made in Taiwan" are childish: a few kilometers are enough to tame their functioning and behavior. We regret all the more quickly the absence of warning, which allows to be better spotted in the retro of these predecessors…

The halogen headlight underlined with a myriad of LEDs nevertheless offers correct visibility. LEDs (24 exactly) also make up the rear light and give the whole an additional touch of modernity, even sportiness….

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