All Tests – Test BMW K1300R, K1300S and K1300GT: three K apart – Above or below?

BMW K1300R, K1300S and K1300GT test: three Ks apart

All Tests - Test BMW K1300R, K1300S and K1300GT: three K apart - Above or below?

Even in the south of France, the month of December can have difficult driving conditions. And that’s good, when it comes time to try the three new BMW K 1300s: a roadster, a sports car and a roadster that are not afraid of anything. !

From above or below ?

The top of the bubble – raised to the maximum – may nevertheless annoy some bikers, who, like Captain Haddock with his beard, do not know how to choose between looking above or through … In this case, a flick on the left stalk to lower the screen and presto, the vision is clear … but the sound volume and the disturbances increase !

In the rain, however, these slight disturbances advantageously evacuate the drops which tend to stagnate on the visor of the helmet. A good point especially at night, when these droplets and those of the bubble reduce visibility.

Always at night, the GT offers – as an option – the best in terms of lighting: "xenon headlights". In our night test, the headlights on the road were much more effective than those on the roadster: a good excuse to let GT drivers lead the way. !

Against the cold, the road is also up to the task thanks to its heated grips and saddle – also optional. A damn efficient system, since the first level of heating is enough to forget the 3 ° C and the humidity of the ambient air. The second level should be able to largely satisfy fans of trips to the Far North. !

On the engine side, the new 1300 stands out from the 1200 not only by its slightly more efficient pickups but also – and above all – by its smoothness: "the engineers also revised the transmission", rightly insists Patrick Lucas. Even by forcing the line and abrupting the throttle, the GT demonstrates extreme delicacy: the passenger will appreciate !

Cycle part level, we note the arrival of ESA II – like Jean-Michel Cavret, pronounce correctly "eza two"for this device also available as an option – which effectively amplifies the differences between the" Sport "," Normal "and" Comfort "modes (read).

Of the three modes, the most comfortable is undoubtedly the most attractive because it in no way diminishes the imperial handling and heading of the GT, while offering maximum quality of shock absorption – large and small -. On the R and S, the observation is the same: comfort can rhyme with sport !

Matthieu BRETILLE – Photos Alberto MARTINEZ

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