All Tests – Test BMW K1300R, K1300S and K1300GT: three K apart – When sport rhymes with comfort

BMW K1300R, K1300S and K1300GT test: three Ks apart

All Tests - Test BMW K1300R, K1300S and K1300GT: three K apart - When sport rhymes with comfort

Even in the south of France, the month of December can have difficult driving conditions. And that’s good, when it comes time to try the three new BMW K 1300s: a roadster, a sports car and a roadster that are not afraid of anything. !

When sport rhymes with comfort

Going from the road K 1300 to the sporty K 1300, there is a clear change in philosophy: the position of the bust goes from "straight as an i" to "inclined, resting on the wrists". However, with the imminent arrival – at the end of 2009 – of the "Zouperbike" S 1000 RR, the K 1300 S takes on within the BMW range an image of a sporty roadster which suits it better than that of pure and simple sportswoman..

Finally, the driving position on the 1300 S is largely bearable … but insidiously encourages more attack than with the GT model! Actively participating in this sensation, the new valve at the exhaust (present on the R and S, but not on the GT) gives the new 4-cylinder a much more present sound than the 1200 had..

Thus, the whistles of the engine and transmission are covered by the imposing vocalizations of the pot. The length of the latter has also been revised downwards, which significantly lightens the line of the bike..

This remark is valid for the R which shares the same silencer, as well as for the GT, whose pot has also been shortened. For the chrome exhausts from which our test motorcycles benefited, expect – on the three versions – a supplement of 100 €.

Even in 100 horses, the sportswoman exudes thrills. And on the small roads of the Var, it is very difficult to push the engine beyond 7000 rpm! Established at 11,000 revolutions, the red zone can be reached when the road opens but from 8,500 rpm, we feel that it is not useful to persevere and we engage the upper gear…

Matthieu BRETILLE – Photos Alberto MARTINEZ

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