All Tests – Test BMW K1300R, K1300S and K1300GT: three K apart – Driving aids

BMW K1300R, K1300S and K1300GT test: three Ks apart

All Tests - Test BMW K1300R, K1300S and K1300GT: three K apart - Driving aids

Even in the south of France, the month of December can have difficult driving conditions. And that’s good, when it’s time to try the three new BMW K 1300s: a roadster, a sports car and a roadster that are not afraid of anything. !

Pilot aids

Nothing could be easier on our K 1300 S since it is equipped with the shifter, the essential accessory for pistards allowing to increase the gears without unsoldering the right handle! As on the HP2 Sport (read our), this device – optional on the S and R – is as effective as it is pleasant to use, even in calm driving.

Still in the range of piloting aids, we also find the traction control system called ASC, so "ABS backwards", explains Jean-Michel Cavret, since it uses the same elements as the anti-lock system.

But despite a sustained pace on wet roads, even downright dirty in places, the system never intervened, attesting to the good grip of the tires on the three motorcycles: Bridgestone BT-020 on the GT and ContiSport Attack on the S and the R.

On the French versions of the K 1300 therefore, the ASC option is not essential. But in the "full power" version, it is a significant guarantee of safety. Even the stunters – we think of the R model more than S or GT! – will see this equipment favorably, since it can be disconnected: "The ASC does not allow wheeling (on the track of course), it must be disconnected to do this", specifies the CEO of BMW Motorrad France.

ABS, on the other hand, remains active at all times: "disconnected, the ASC has no influence on the ABS which continues to operate", continues Jean-Michel Cavret, recalling that at Behème,"the ABS can only be disconnected on the GS intended for off-road use, the HP2 Sport and the R 1200 S when operating on the circuit".

Finally, with the R model, we benefit from a shorter final gear ratio which makes this K 1300 more responsive than the other two … On the motorway, in 6th gear at 5,000 rpm, the roadster returns 10 km / h to the versions sporty and GT: at this speed, the R tumbles at 120 km / h odometer, and you have to hang on given the total lack of protection !

On national or departmental roads, it is therefore difficult not to get caught up in the game: with the roadster, each acceleration is straightforward, especially as the pulling of the handle is very short.

Matthieu BRETILLE – Photos Alberto MARTINEZ

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