All Tests – Test Drives BMW: the S1000RR 2015 in all its forms! – S1000RR British Superbike Championship (BSB)

BMW Test Drives: The 2015 S1000RR in All Its Forms !

All Tests - Test Drives BMW: the S1000RR 2015 in all its forms! - S1000RR British Superbike Championship (BSB)

Withdrawn from the World Superbike for two years, the BMW racing department supports numerous teams around the world. MNC had the chance to test six S1000RRs entered in WSBK, BSB, IDM, TT, EWC and South Africa (!) On the Valencia circuit (Spain).

S1000RR British Superbike Championship (BSB)

No sooner had he returned to the pits with the n ° 21, Site headed for the third machine, and not the least: the n ° 46 (yes, yes!) Registered in British Superbike, the most prestigious national Superbike championship perhaps. , the most demanding without a doubt.

"Yes that’s right, the BSB S1000RR doesn’t have Traction Control", the communication manager of BMW Motorrad Motorsport confirmed to us the day before …"It doesn’t have an anti-wheelie or Launch Control either, it’s all in the right hand ". And in the underpants too…

Before riding the bike of Valentino Rossi Tommy Bridewell, MNC takes a look at the rear tire. Obviously, we are not the only ones to fear the highside: the wear of the Pirelli SC1 of the English is much less than on the German.

Against all expectations, the first turns of the wheel are more pleasant on the handlebars of the intimidating No.46 than that of the No.21. Main reason: a little lower and much shorter, the saddle holds the rider better … forward, to limit the rear wheels !

Extremely careful out of bends – especially closed ones – Site does not hit the engine too hard during its first loop. So it’s the attack and power of the – even bigger – Brembo calipers that surprises the most. One-finger braking is involuntarily adopted !

At the end of the first round, MNC decides to put more gas. By insisting longer on third gear, you can already feel the front wheel rise a few centimeters from the ground! Out of the hairpin second, the BMW rears higher still, but very smoothly.

Quite frightening, the experience suddenly turns to very funny! Estimated at 220 hp at 14,300 rpm, the peak power of the S1000RR team TAS Tyco does not intervene in an explosive manner. We can therefore learn to lift the front wheel, the poses being managed by the solid and enduring (!) K-Tech KTR-3 DDS fork (K-Tech DDS Pro RCU shock absorber).

Finally, special mention to the superb panel provided by MoTec – sole supplier of ECU in British Superbike – which replaces the BMW dashboard. The bare necessities are displayed very large under the pilot’s nose. Simple and efficient, like the BSB Superbikes !

Manufacturer sheet

  • Power: 220 hp at 14,300 rpm

  • Empty weight: 169 kg

  • Fuel tank: 23.9 l

  • Suspensions: K-Tech KTR3 and DDS Pro RCU

  • Brakes: Brembo monobloc

  • Rims: OZ Racing

  • Tires: Pirelli Diablo Superbike Slick

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