All Tests – Test Drives BMW: the S1000RR 2015 in all its forms! – S1000RR South African SuperGP Trophy

BMW Test Drives: The 2015 S1000RR in All Its Forms !

All Tests - Test Drives BMW: the S1000RR 2015 in all its forms! - S1000RR South African SuperGP Trophy

Withdrawn from the World Superbike for two years, the BMW racing department supports numerous teams around the world. MNC had the chance to test six S1000RRs entered in WSBK, BSB, IDM, TT, EWC and South Africa (!) On the Valencia circuit (Spain).

S1000RR South African SuperGP Trophy

By discovering the S1000RR entered in the South African championship by the private team Black Swan Energy, MNC is not lost: dashboard, controls, controls and fuel tank are kept as they are on the racing machine. The cockpit is identical.

On the other hand, we notice a big change by placing his buttocks on the bike: much less welcoming than the original saddle, the foam bar stuck on the rear buckle should allow its rider, Lance Isaac, to better feel his rear shock absorber working..

Level suspensions precisely, we note that the electronic DDC system is kept on n ° 38 of "Sir Lancelot". Springs, gas and oil can be changed but the rest of the material is unchanged. Ditto for braking: only different pads can be chosen !

Despite this minimal preparation, the S1000RR "SuperGP" proves to be stiffer and more lively than the original version sold on the market. Entries in curves, in particular, are more straightforward and it is surprising at the beginning: MNC must force himself to delay his bets on the angle so as not to bite the rope. !

Reacting precisely to the slightest request from the rider on the handlebars, the bike – whose empty weight is estimated at 180 kg – readily accepts corrections in the middle of a curve. The base S1000RR, on the other hand, required a little more effort. The higher footrests should allow more angle, but MNC will not tempt the devil…

Lack of time – and talent! -, we could not assess whether this first competitive S1000RR held the floor much better than the standard version during relaunch. One thing is certain: the installation of Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa SC has certainly delayed the intervention of electronic assistance.

On our last lap, however, the traction control indicator light flickered brightly. Much thinner than the very first version (2009) of the ASC, the DTC delivered as an option on the German Superbike 2015 and officiating on this n ° 38 allows to open the throttle without – too much – thinking.

From a mechanical point of view, the fully original engine is just fitted with the BMW High Performance electronic calibration "Kit 3" and an Akrapovic silencer. Also, the South African S1000RR does not seem to work much stronger than the commercial model … which is already running really fast, but a little less than the IDM model. !

Manufacturer sheet

  • Power: 210 hp at 13,500 rpm

  • Empty weight: 180 kg

  • Fuel tank: 17.5 l

  • Suspensions: original (DDC)

  • Brakes: original, SBS pads

  • Rims: BMW HP Performance

  • Tires: Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa SC

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