All Tests – Test Drives BMW: the S1000RR 2015 in all its forms! – Three short laps on six BMW Superbikes

BMW Test Drives: The 2015 S1000RR in All Its Forms !

All Tests - Test Drives BMW: the S1000RR 2015 in all its forms! - Three short laps on six BMW Superbikes

Withdrawn from the World Superbike for two years, the BMW racing department supports numerous teams around the world. MNC had the chance to test six S1000RRs entered in WSBK, BSB, IDM, TT, EWC and South Africa (!) On the Valencia circuit (Spain).

Three short laps on six BMW Superbikes

You might as well know straight away: the three small laps granted by BMW to the handlebars of each of the six racing S1000RRs, exceptionally gathered on the Valencia circuit in Spain, did not allow us to forge close links with the machines….

Between each meeting, the few minutes of break – a few seconds sometimes! – did not help us much to take stock of the different behaviors of motorcycles, whose configurations vary greatly according to the championships.

And then, we have to admit it, even if it is never easy: the level required to constrain such competitive war machines is clearly higher than that available to a journalist, unlike a professional pilot….

Taken together, these elements therefore mean that this extraordinary "speed dating" session is not the subject of a new MNC test in due form, but rather of a spotlight on the "BMW Motorrad" program Motorsport ".

Site spent significantly less time on the track filing its sliders than in the conference room discovering the "BMW Motorrad Race Trophy", an original competition between S1000RR riders from around the world, than our readers – who, as everyone knows , are more curious than others – can study in detail about the .

At the end of this press conference, Site also had the opportunity to speak at length with the marketing director of BMW Motorrad Motorsport. Open, frank and friendly, our interlocutor spoke about extremely varied motorcycle topics (read our).

But let’s get back to motorcycles and let’s not sulk: the test of racing motorcycles is a complicated, even stressful exercise, unfortunately become extremely rare and reserved for very few journalists … which makes it all the more precious !

Each arranged in a box on the Ricardo Tormo circuit – in which the MotoGP title will undoubtedly be played in a few weeks, mamma mia! -, the S1000RR are classified according to their degree of preparation: from the machine registered in RSA Super GP (South Africa) to those of the World Superbike and the Tourist Trophy

To allow testers to warm up and (re) memorize the Andalusian track technique, BMW had also brought a completely "stock" copy (read our), simply equipped with an inverted gearbox..

The first motorcycle to hit the track in the hands of professional rider Roland Resch, the mister-everyone’s Superbike impresses from its first pass, tombs open, in front of the pits…

The howls of the 4-cylinder echoing from the stands of the Valencian stadium act like a magnet: taped behind the low wall, MNC watches Herr Resch perform his three rounds, return to the pits and immediately jump on the n ° 38 of the – future – champion of South Africa … will have some sport !

In turn at the helm of the “standard” 2015 S1000RR, Site is focusing on trajectories and gear changes. The three laps are completed in less than six minutes, with only one ball to regret (downshift). Not too bad for a start !

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