All Tests – Test X10 125 and 350: Piaggio’s new flagship – X10: three engines to choose from

X10 125 and 350 test: Piaggio’s new flagship

All Tests - Test X10 125 and 350: Piaggio's new flagship - X10: three engines to choose from

With the exception of the MP3 three-wheeler, Piaggio lacked a truly high-end GT scooter, like the late X9 that the XEvo struggles to forget. To fill this gap, the Italians are launching the X10 which is available in 125, 350 and 500cc. Testing.

X10: three engines to choose from

Of the three engines offered by Piaggio, MNC was only able to test the X10 125 and X10 350. Remember that the first version has been accessible to holders of an AL (125) or B license for more than two years (and training of 7 hours for beginners), while the second is only available to holders of a motorcycle license (A).

These two versions are driven by a 4-stroke single-cylinder engine, with 4-valve cylinder head and single camshaft, cooled by water and supplied by electronic injection. More efficient (fortunately!), The engine of the 350 – which actually cubs 330 cc – is also more modern than the 125 cc..

Indeed, the X10 350 benefits in particular from a distribution with balances on rollers, from a system facilitating the adjustment of the valve play, from a lubrication with dry sump and from a multi-disc centrifugal clutch in oil bath with impeller. free.

Technologies that give it performance close to that of a 400 cc, thanks to the maximum torque of 32.3 Nm and the power of 33.3 hp. It also benefits from a reduced maintenance cost: overhauls are spaced 20,000 km apart and the oil filter is changed only every 10,000 km..

This engine also benefits from a dual injection mapping, selectable from the handlebars depending on whether one seeks to obtain maximum performance or to save money. In this second mode, starts remain vigorous, but the revving is noticeably more gradual..

Equipped with this 350 cc engine, the X10 fully meets all requirements, both in urban cycle and interurban journeys. Flexible and easy to dose in town, the 350 cc unit allows a maximum speed of 145 km / h meter, the equivalent of a 400 cc model.

The pickups are frank and the revving of the most vigorous in standard mode. The engine is therefore very pleasant to use and very versatile. Too bad that small vibrations, sensitive to the driver’s seat, tarnish this excellent picture …

The 125 cc "Leader" block, although modern and developing the 15 legal horsepower, does not attract the same compliments. However, it fulfills its role well, despite the relative overweight of the X10 125 which still charges 186 kg dry (196 kg for the X10 350) and 190 kg dry with the ABS / ASR. Or nearly 210 kg all full !

Also, on expressways, the top speed of the X10 125 painfully exceeds 100 km / h chrono (110 km / h meter), which may seem a bit tight against some of its rivals..

Available at the end of June, the X10 500 cc will benefit from the latest version of the "Master" engine which already equips the Beverly 500. An engine of 40 hp and 42 Nm of torque equipped with a dual ignition system which promotes flexibility at low revs and performance at medium and high revs.

Gwendal SALAÜN – Photo DR and G. SALAÜN

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