All Tests – The new GTR 1400: more comfortable and safer – The GT according to Kawasaki

The new GTR 1400: more comfortable and safer

All Tests - The new GTR 1400: more comfortable and safer - The GT according to Kawasaki

It was on the beautiful – and wet – roads of Tuscany that we were able to test the brand new version of the Kawasaki 1400GTR. For 2010, the Ninjas are offering a better-equipped motorcycle on many levels: would the Kawa be the perfect GT? ? Test !

The GT according to Kawasaki

As we have seen, when upgrading their flagship, Akashi’s engineers focused on piloting assistance and improving GT performance. The 1400GTR’s chassis has not undergone any noticeable change since 2007, nor has the engine….

But at the time, this engine had left us somewhat unsatisfied! Because in addition to the damn French "horse-less" bridle which forced us to gear up more than 2000 revs before the red zone, we had noted an excessive timidity on the part of the 4-cylinder under 4000 rpm. This had – and always has – something to surprise fans of big cars…

However, the Greens tell us that this engine appeals to customers in the state. And in a way, we can easily imagine it: its extreme flexibility – it starts again without flinching from idle in sixth – the smoothness of its transmission and its meteoric rise in power at mid-speed – and to the top in the "normal" version "- make the GTR an extremely pleasant machine to take.

"Pilots appreciate the engine’s docility at low revs, and so do their passengers", assure the managers of the brand, before adding mischievously:"and then if they feel like it, they can always go down one or two gears to radically change the pace !"

Thus, this bike remains "the Ninja who won’t break you", which we described in September 2007! In addition, in its 2010 version, it will never send you to the mat thanks to its traction control system tested and approved by us. !

Of course, the left commodo now has as many buttons as a teenager. But these new functions are tamed and adopted quickly. The gain in serenity and comfort is real: we have to admit that the GTR 1400 "2nd generation" borders on perfection !

"From a general point of view, the 1400GTR already obtained the best customer satisfaction rating at Kawasaki France", reveals Maurice de Rochefort, head of the press service at Kawa ‘France. And everything suggests that this should be confirmed with this new version..

"The contractual guarantee applied to the "flagship" of the Kawasaki fleet remains fixed in 2010 at 3 years, parts and labor and unlimited mileage. It is also the only model in the range to benefit from this 3-year warranty, a sign of the great confidence the manufacturer has in the exemplary reliability of this model.", continues our interlocutor.

Color wise, the new GTR 1400 will be available in "Candy Neptune" blue or "Metallic Magnesium" gray. It will be necessary to wait "at best, the very end of 2009 for the first copies if not early 2010"to see her land in our concessions.

It remains to discover its price: "it is not decided at the moment, it has become a key element, even in this segment", informs Maurice de Rochefort … So far well placed compared to the competition, will the 1400GTR still be next year with this new equipment? !

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