All Tests – The new GTR 1400: more comfortable and safer – Better equipment

The new GTR 1400: more comfortable and safer

All Tests - The new GTR 1400: more comfortable and safer - Better equipment

It was on the beautiful – and wet – roads of Tuscany that we were able to test the brand new version of the Kawasaki 1400GTR. For 2010, the Ninjas are offering a better-equipped motorcycle on many levels: would the Kawa be the perfect GT? ? Test !

Better equipment

Among the new 2010 equipment, in addition to the K-TRC and K-ACT ABS, we note the appearance of an Eco mode that is activated by holding down the new mode button (the left trigger which finally allows to scroll through the information without having to manipulate the button located on the dashboard and relegate the headlight call to the thumb).

According to internal tests by Kawasaki staff, the less greedy engine mapping allows fuel savings "around 8 to 10%, but it depends on the users". The short taxi did not allow us to verify these statements.

To engage this Eco mode, the pilot "must drive calmly: do not exceed 6000 rpm, do not exceed 30% throttle opening and do not drive above 160 km / h"… Of course Kawasaki believes that"the greatest benefits are obtained at low revs and with moderate throttle opening"… Logic.

In addition, an independent indicator of this Eco mode indicates to the pilot if his driving is sober. Simple gadget in truth – the indicator goes out as soon as the engine is really activated – which allows the Greens and their customers to claim an "eco-responsible" attitude.

More "revolutionary" in our eyes, the adoption of a higher screen – 70 mm – and wider gives the pilot protection close to perfection. While the previous model – already electric – left the shoulders and the helmet exposed to the wind even in the maximum high position, the 2010 model allows complete isolation from the air flow. In addition, to limit turbulence at the level of the helmet, Kawa ‘has even given rise to small vents adjoining the dashboard.

The gain in protection and comfort is really appreciable: one of the main weak points of the GTR 1400 (the "too small series bubble", read our) is therefore swept away !

The Japanese have also redesigned the fairing of their motorcycle – more dynamic and more open – and fixed a plate on the pot at the level of the driver’s feet: improving the evacuation of the heat emanating from the engine was not obvious to us. … The "fault" undoubtedly with our clothing tailored for winter driving !

On the other hand, we were largely satisfied with the heated grips now supplied as standard: from the first graduation – out of five in total – the heat is felt. Heavy rollers will appreciate! We note occasionally that the GTR 1400 now indicates the air temperature.

Also for long-haul travelers, Kawa ‘reports that the payload of its GTR 1400 has increased from 200 to 228 kg. "A request from customers which only required a slight adaptation of the suspensions and does not change their skills", explains Kawasaki Europe’s press relations manager..

The arrival of a "new" tire at the front does not modify the behavior of the road. Nevertheless, this new tire called BT-021 F "U" is supposed "be more enduring and keep its behavior for longer too, thanks to its different nature and its thicker rubber", assures us one of our Japanese interlocutors.

As this new reference is available from all good Kawa ‘dealers, owners of "old" GTRs can check.

Among the 2010 novelties, we also note the change in the glove box: central and – too – flat on previous models, it migrates under the left hand and gains depth. Admittedly, its volume drops from 1.5 to 0.9 liters but it is more practical.

We also appreciate the fact that this space closes automatically via an electromagnet when the ignition is off. No need to think about locking it when leaving your motorcycle … Could we not equip the suitcases and the fuel trap with the same system? ?

The 40-millimeter rise of the mirrors facilitates changes in traffic jams but the gain in terms of visibility is not obvious: the suitcases still occupy a significant part of the mirrors. Free from any vibration, they still offer a good view of overtaken vehicles !

We also salute the brand’s effort to try to make the pot of the beast less long and impressive: "the internal structure is unchanged but the tip is shorter by 40 mm", welcomes Kawasaki !

Finally, it should be noted that the manufacturer offers a lower and narrower saddle as an option to facilitate access – be careful, suitcases will always get scratched just as quickly! – and maneuvers for the smallest riders. The latter will regret, however, that the crutching on the plant was not facilitated. There are 300 kg cattle more convenient to park!

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