All Tests – Three red balls tumble at Derbi! – For SM addicts: the DRD SM

Three red balls tumble at Derbi !

All Tests - Three red balls tumble at Derbi! - For SM addicts: the DRD SM

Derbi has just drawn three sports news: the GPR and the Senda DRD SM and R. Equipped with the same 125 cc 4-stroke 4-valve engine, these three red balls intend to become the benchmarks in speed, supermotard and enduro. One, back, very: test !

For SM addicts: the DRD SM

On the kart track of the Parcmotor complex, the 125 cc engine seems better filled: the 27 small bends in this layout correspond better to the single cylinder than the thirteen curves of the speed circuit! "It’s exactly the same engine", however certifies Luc Jaguelin, importer in France of Derbi.

"The Senda DRD has the best saddle height on the market", warns Piero Soatti, Research and Development manager at Derbi..

And indeed, once mounted, the supermotard and its saddle positioned at 880 mm high allow the rider to put his two feet – even his two heels – on each side..

Obvious to grip, the DRD SM allows you to have fun from the first turns of the wheel, on condition of always whipping the engine by playing with the gearbox! The kids will love it, but those who use this bike to go to work – will there really be? – much less…

Like the cycle part of the GPR, that of the DRD SM is perfectly able to follow – and even exceed – the pace of the valiant 4-stroke single-cylinder..

Based on its sturdy 41mm Paioli fork, the DRD doesn’t dive excessively when the rider activates the front brake. In their radial-mounted caliper, the dual pistons effectively pinch the 300mm disc and effortlessly stop the 124 kg (dry) of the beast.

The rear suspension is also perfectly capable: "progressive"- unlike the GPR shock absorber which directly links the arm to the frame, the Olle shock absorber of the supermotard is mounted on a rod according to the" Pro-link "scheme dear to Honda – it smooths out the roughness of the road track and collects the load of 15 foals without any worries !

We quickly realize that some of the circuit’s sequences go "full throttle" and even the most accomplished testers get caught up in the game: the DRD SM should offer their doses of adrenaline to Playstation addicts !

In terms of personal satisfaction, without attacking the track or even working on the road, but simply placed on its side stand – watch out for its automatic return – the new Senda has something to satisfy young bikers..

Aesthetically, the Senda DRD throws in with "its look inspired by freestyle motocross". It will appeal to a number of kids already eager for social recognition: the plastic of the new Derbi is worked on and the result flawless..

Faced with its sister, the Senda Baja – 2 valves, air cooling, rear suspension without connecting rod, "classic" front caliper and fork – the Senda DRD SM plays the "top of the range" card via efficient elements and equipment , beautiful … and more expensive !

The Senda DRD SM will be displayed in French dealerships at € 4,099 from July (then € 4,199 from August) and will be available in black or white.

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