All Tests – Three red balls tumble at Derbi! – For mud lovers: the DRD R

Three red balls tumble at Derbi !

All Tests - Three red balls tumble at Derbi! - For mud lovers: the DRD R

Derbi has just drawn three sports news: the GPR and the Senda DRD SM and R. Equipped with the same 125 cc 4-stroke 4-valve engine, these three red balls intend to become the benchmarks in speed, supermotard and enduro. One, back, very: test !

For mud lovers: the DRD R

In its enduro version with the suffix "R", the DRD swaps the 17-inch wheels (100/80 at the front and 130/70 at the rear) of the SM against a 21-inch wheel (90/90) at the front and 18 inches (120/80) at the rear. Likewise, studded tires and a front disc "Wave"smaller (260 mm) are required on this machine intended for mixed use.

"We must be able to do enduro on the DRD R, but also use it on a daily basis", predict the Derbi engineers who have however chosen for journalists a course typified only" cross "and not urban…

It is on earth – the element, not the planet … – that the DRD R is most comfortable: its large travel of 245 mm at the front and 225 mm at the rear allow it to absorb smoothly the landings of – small – jumps and to clear successions of small bumps without problem.

Like the suspensions and their travel values, the steel frames derived from the Terra are identical on the SM and R. However, it is undoubtedly on the enduro version that the youngsters will be able to best judge the robustness of the new Derbi.

"The GPR and DRD SM models are expected to perform better, as it becomes more and more difficult to ride off-road", notes with a touch of bitterness the boss of Motana France, Luc Jaguelin.

For beginners, the lack of torque at the bottom limits progression at the start: we focus as much on the trajectories, the jumps and the glide as on the gearbox of the Senda DRD R !

But to see the enduro specialists evolving on the track, this third new Derbi seems quite capable of being suitable for experienced riders. To be convinced, just watch the videos posted on the site! By the way, the video titled "Donut GPR" is also worth a look … But don’t forget: "do not reproduce it at home !"

The new Senda DRD R will land in concession at the same time as its sister SM, at the beginning of July, for a lower price of 100 €. Or € 3,999 the first month of marketing then € 4,099 from August 1, 2009, regardless of the color: blue (and yellow) or black (and white).

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