All Tests – Triumph Street Twin test: the little Bonneville of the 21st century – MNC riding the Street Twin

Triumph Street Twin test: the little Bonneville of the 21st century

All Tests - Triumph Street Twin Test: the little Bonneville of the 21st century - MNC riding the Street Twin

With its new 900 cc water-cooled engine, its neat look and its completely revised chassis, the new Triumph Bonneville Street Twin has everything to appeal to bikers looking for a real classic motorcycle, easy and pleasant.. Test.

MNC riding the Street Twin

In black, our test model (re) immerses us mentally in the alleys of London in the 60s … and physically in the traffic jams of Valencia (Spain) where the presentation of this Street Twin takes place.

Once in the saddle, the markers are instantly integrated: the handlebars (a little more on the front) fall perfectly under the hands, the footrests are slightly further back than on the previous model and when stationary, the feet lie flat on the ground thanks to a saddle placed very low (750 mm instead of 775). The saddle (with retaining strap for the passenger) is rather firm but comfortable and the pretty little round mirrors offer a good view of the rear.

On the left stalk, the information scroll button provides information on traction control (which can be activated and deactivated when stationary only), the gear engaged, the gauge, the time, two trips, the remaining range, the front mileage maintenance, instantaneous consumption and average consumption. As an option, the console also displays the management of the heated grips and the control of the tire pressure. No doubt: the Bonneville of the 21st century has definitely entered the modern era !

Softened clutch and enhanced sensations

While the thighs easily find their place along the scalloped tank, the inline twin purrs peacefully with that very slight whistle dear to the Triumphs and begs to express a superb hoarse sound at the first opportunity..

Thanks to its well-balanced cycle part, the little Bonnie is at ease in traffic jams: commuters and other urban bikers will appreciate its maneuverability when going up lines, especially as the clutch equipped with "slip clutch assist" for more softness allows you to play the selector effortlessly in traffic.

By the rather mild temperatures of this region of Spain in December, the engine slightly warms the thighs through reinforced motorcycle jeans. Be careful, however, not to burn yourself in summer because, as on the previous model, the knees tend to come into contact with the cylinder heads..

Out of the city center, the Street Twin approaches expressways just as calmly and circulates with ease in the flow of traffic, from which it can be extracted quickly if necessary..

With its maximum torque higher than the previous version and available much earlier (80 Nm at 3230 rpm instead of 68 Nm at 5800 rpm), the Street Twin then tackles the small country roads that it engulfs with undisguised pleasure !

All by ear

The rider, comfortably seated on his handlebars, can, depending on his mood, wind up peacefully on the torque or light a little more vigorously by pulling the gears, despite a 5-speed gearbox which lacks a little extension. By caricaturing a little, we can do almost everything on the third gear, the richest in sensations and efficiency.

Attacking the winding on mountain roads, the little Bonneville still does not slip away and gladly offers a good dose of sensations to those who know how to titillate it to make it spin from one turn to another. The raises are not amazing but allow you to have fun, even if it means dropping one or two gears to get off on the right foot, while the braking is correct despite a slight lack of progressiveness.

Only downside during this first contact during a slightly foggy morning on the heights of Valence: an often wet surface which generates some beginnings of slips on the part of its

The little Englishwoman reminds us that she does not want to exceed her limits in tricky conditions, even if in the dry she has nothing against an arsouille in good and due form. !

Verdict: roots … and helpers

15 years after the revival of the Bonneville, it is clear that the Street Twin is the worthy heir to this prestigious line, just as the new T120 and Thruxton will undoubtedly be..

For 8,900 euros, slightly cheaper than the old Bonneville which sold for 8,990 €, the Street Twin originally offers a convincing motorcycle, very easy to master and a source of many pleasures. Its sleek look hits the mark at first glance with its recognizable line, its superb engine block and its pretty brushed steel mufflers.

Its excellent level of finish and technological advances allow this motorcycle born in the middle of the 20th century to be part of the 21st century: ride by wire accelerator, traction control, Euro4 standards, elbow valves, USB socket under the saddle as on the (a kit is available as an option to connect a GPS or a phone to the handlebars), coded key, LED tail light and naturally ABS braking, compulsory from 2016.

"If we add a few accessories at the price of 8,900 euros, you can have exactly the bike you want for less than 10,000 euros", emphasizes Eric Pecoraro, insisting on the fact that the Street Twin"is a motorcycle that induces a peaceful practice, a rewarding object well seen by others".

And if some will not fail to regret the absence of a central stand, fans of customization will be delighted with a catalog of more than 150 accessories..

Note for example the black spoked rims (€ 810) or chrome (€ 750), the shorter and lighter Vance & Hines approved mufflers in black ceramic (€ 920) or brushed steel (€ 850), the system of 2 in 1 Vance & Hines high exhaust in stainless steel (1610 €, not homologated on the road), the chrome housings (340 €) or the flat black or brown cafe racer seat (300 €), the "Ace" black cafe racer handlebars or chrome (80 €), etc., without forgetting the customization kits offered by the manufacturer (see technical sheet on the last page).

Finally, the good rating behavior of the should convince the last hesitant, whether they are beginners, wanting to upgrade to a higher displacement or simply to change the style of motorcycle: according to studies conducted by Triumph, "a T100 is now worth 69% of its price after three years, which is 9 to 13% more than comparable models"…

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