All Tests – Turismo Veloce 800 test: finally ready, not perfect – The MV Agusta Touring takes its time

Turismo Veloce 800 test: finally ready, not perfect

All Tests - Turismo Veloce 800 test: finally ready, not perfect - The MV Agusta Touring takes its time

Like any beautiful Italian, MV Agusta’s ” Touring ” motorcycle was long overdue! Unveiled in autumn 2013 at the Milan show, the Turismo Veloce 800 arrives this spring in French dealerships. Site has already tried it… in the wet.

The MV Agusta Touring takes its time

An MV Agusta motorcycle truly cut for the road? It has been almost two years since Site and its readers have heard about it: at the Milan trade shows in and mainly, then during the launches of ever more powerful, radical and rigorous new products. !

Turismo Veloce: availability, colors and prices

  • Availability: early May in the

  • Colors: red and silver or silver and gray

  • Price: € 15,990

But this time, that’s it: the famous Turismo Veloce 800 is finally launched! "It is a launch as important as that of the in 1997, that of the or ", says Giovanni Castiglioni in the introduction to the press conference…

To shape this new motorcycle, "we had to rethink our priorities in terms of design: comfort, loading capacity, operating flexibility, low consumption, extended service intervals, as well as everything a customer is looking for in a machine dedicated to Grand Touring", continues the CEO of MV Agusta.

Video Site

During the launch of this new Turismo Veloce, Remy Hasser revealed to us .

Originally developed around the 4-cylinder – in its current version and not the all new generation which will be presented at the end of the year as planned (read -), the Turismo Veloce integrates the compact, powerful and now famous Tre Pistoni of 798 CC.

"Although it can be compared to the Ducati Multistrada, BMW R1200GS or Triumph Tiger 800 / Explorer (but not to a Yamaha MT-09 Tracer, editor’s note?), our motorcycle is apart", considers Signore Castiglioni."It is intended for beginners as well as experienced bikers – which is a first for MV Agusta – and its power / lightness compromise is better.".

Site, which is getting to know Varese’s 800 cc 3-cylinder engine well, has no doubts that this engine will be able to tow the motorcycle’s 191 kg dry with ardor. Especially in this specific version of "tourism", where the power has been limited to 110 hp in order to better fill the low and mid-revs (read our Technical point on page 3).

The new A2 licenses, on the other hand, will not be able to get their hands on the new MV Agusta, as easy to drive as it is: as a reminder, the 35 kW kits only apply to motorcycles under 95 hp of origin (we do not know by what miracle the Brutale 675 of 110 hp manages to offer one!).

Note in passing that in France, the Turismo Veloce 800 will be electronically restricted to 106 horsepower for a few months, the time that it is well completed … And it is in France precisely, in Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat, near de Nice (06), that MV Agusta invited European journalists to try out their new fast touring motorcycle … in "Full" version, of course !

Two versions and a special edition

As expected, the Turismo Veloce 800 is: the standard we are testing here, available from early May 2015 at a price of € 15,990, and the "Lusso"(with electronic suspensions, heated grips, central stand and GPS sensor) which will be released at the end of June at a price of 17,790 €.

To celebrate the arrival of this touring motorcycle in its range, MV Agusta also offers a "Edition 1"similar to the" luxury "version, without electronic suspensions but equipped with suitcases. Its total production being limited to 200 copies, the 35 French dealers will receive only one each. It will cost 940 euros more than the Turismo Veloce "short".

Seen and reviewed on the catwalks and under the spotlight of international trade fairs, the Turismo Veloce 800 seems even more successful "for real": its resolutely modern style (LED on all floors, curved shape or machined from the smallest part) contrasts beautifully with its now natural environment.

However, the MV Agusta signature is retained, in particular through its front optic which takes the oblong shape of the headlights of all the sports cars that have followed one another at MV. In its red and silver color and front view, the machine looks like F4 or F3 … high on legs !

The rear part, on the other hand, is completely new. A true masterpiece that would not mismatch in a contemporary art gallery and would well deserve its place within the Louis Vuitton Foundation – Bernard, if you are reading us -, the rear loop which ends with a sumptuous brake light in " X "considerably lightens the look of the motorcycle.

"You don’t have to have a heavy, wide and impressive motorcycle to tour", notes the British designer Adrian Morton. Based on measurements made at the factory, the maximum width of Turismo Veloce is limited to 900 mm,"80 less than the Multistrada and 53 less than the GS", he calculates for us.

“And that’s not all!”, Almost exult his Italian colleagues: the MV Agusta is not wider once its suitcases – optional, including on the “Lusso” version at 17,790 €! – installed on their attachments integrated into the very thin rear buckle (only 810 mm wide).

Devilishly aesthetic, the perforated rear buckle of the Turismo Veloce is not 100% practical: without a suitcase, it is impossible to store any anti-theft device – yet essential on a € 15,990 motorcycle, right ?! -, a rain suit or any other personal effect.

Likewise, the low plate support, inherited from the, is as beautiful as it is exposed to shocks … Site readers – who as everyone knows, have a little more RAM than others – remember that MNC had inadvertently struck his front wheel the rear of another motorcycle during our: the poor colleague’s left indicator had instantly jumped !

On the practical side, however, we appreciate the presence of four sockets (two 12V and two 5V "USB") and two storage pockets on the returns of the semi-fairing. Admittedly a "cheaps" aspect, these arrangements of which MNC continually deplores the absence on the motorcycles of the competition have at least the merit of existing !

Question finish, we must continue to encourage MV: high quality paint and a priori solid varnish, clean arrangement of the fairing parts … We find the high level reached by the latest productions of Varese (like the Rivale or the exclusive RR) , the camouflage of the hoses and cables along the frame in addition !

We can clearly see in the dark depths of the cockpit a few white pods (oops!) And the fact that the passenger seat rattles slightly if we play with it may upset some. But in the end, the customer will get their money’s worth … from an aesthetic point of view! Because in absolute terms, an "eight hundred" to "sixteen thousand" is almost indecent !

As always with MV, the mechanical parts are beautiful: we can mention the magnificent single-sided swingarm, the small exhaust and its three new square outlets, the elegant footrest plates, the large radial calipers (Brembos, what else?) or the inverted fork maousse (Marzocchi, what did you expect?).

We never tire of eyeing this Italian finally out of her production line bathroom! Well, almost not, because during the presentation of the beauty, Giovanni Castiglioni – sports fan above all – warned us that this machine "very versatile, still very sporty". So on the way ?!

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