All Tests – Versys 1000 test: the Kawasaki trail almost on target! – A Versys XL for 2012

Versys 1000 test: the Kawasaki trail almost on target !

All Tests - Versys 1000 test: the Kawasaki trail almost on target! - A Versys XL for 2012

Derived from the fierce Z1000, the maxi trail Versys 1000 radicalizes the concept of the Versys 650. And while the French biker discovered this new Kawasaki 2012 at the Motorcycle Show, MNC tested it on the sublime roads of Tenerife. First try !

A Versys XL for 2012

The concept of the "versatile motorcycle according to Kawasaki" was initiated in 2006 with the Versys 650 (read in particular our and our). But it took six years to see its big sister Versys 1000 land.

Availability, colors and prices

  • Availability: mid-December 2011

  • Colors: white "Pearl Stardust" or gray "Magnesium Metallic"

  • Price: € 12,499

Like the "six-fifty" directly from the ER-6n (and still in the catalog in its latest version, read our), the "mille" is derived from an Akashi roadster … and not the least, since it is Mister Z1000 latest model himself !

"We wanted to offer a more powerful and more comfortable trail than the 650, and the basis of the Z1000 came naturally."Kawasaki Europe Marketing Director David Monbertrand told Site..

Unveiled in-te-gra-le-ment on Site during the last Milan Motor Show (read), the 2012 Kawasaki novelty was still enthroned on Sunday on its stand at the Paris Motor Show at the Porte de Versailles (see in particular our).

But the Greens had also gathered a few copies of their brand new Versys 1000 on the island of Tenerife, in the Canary Islands, to allow the European specialist press to test them….

Destination "sun" therefore for Site readers, but beware: "part of the route taking place at relatively high altitude (more than 2000 m at the foot of the highest peak in Spain, Teide, which rises to 3718 m, Editor’s note), the outside temperature may be somewhat distant from what the destination conveys as an image of permanent idleness", warns the press manager of Kawasaki France, alias the" G.O. Green" !

Road question, however, no need to worry: "the grip is excellent", assures us Karim Mostafi, press manager at Kawasaki Europe,"and apart from rare gravel and tourists strolling in rental cars, the 400 km route is a real treat".

By discovering the loop covering the entire south-eastern quarter of the Spanish island, the pre-established observation during the static presentation of the new Kawasaki Versys 1000 is confirmed: this maxi trail is intended only for the road, the "real" one. !

"It was enough for us to observe the uses of our Versys 650 and to investigate those of the big competition trails to conclude that the Versys 1000 would run only exceptionally on dirt roads, and would probably never leave the trails. beaten", explains David Monbertrand to Site.

A barely mellowed and just enhanced Z1000

The Pirelli Scorpion Trail were therefore chosen above all for their looks – and for their ability to provide grip on zebra crossings ?! -, while the 17-inch rims clearly betray the sporting inclination of this high Ninja.

The just moderated 4-cylinder of the Z1000 confirms that the test of this new Versys promises to be festive: as a reminder, the 1043 cc engine develops, in this "road trail" version, no less than 118 horsepower at 9000 rpm / min and 102 Nm at 7700 rpm (and of course, 106 hp and 96 Nm in France) !

The cycle part is to match since the Versys seizes the aluminum frame of the maxi roadster, partially revised for the occasion. It stands on suspensions with greater travel than those of the Z – or its road version SX -, but without being excessive: 150 mm at the front and at the rear.

Likewise, the ground clearance of 155 mm does not allow you to descend all the sidewalks with your eyes closed. The pot – or more exactly its pot housed under the engine – does not benefit from any protection and the plastic shoe placed above is only there to dress the motorcycle and protect – from projections only – the oil filter. placed at the head of the lower engine.

We will have quickly understood – and the Japanese have never ceased to repeat it to us: the new Versys does not seek to confront the legendary Yamaha Super Tenere, the future Honda Crosstourer or the reference BMW R1200GS, much more all-terrain typed.

Still ‘after the Japanese "marketers", the Versys does not roll in the yard of the fiery Ducati Multistrada: "its displacement is greater, as is its price", they point out to us. According to them, only the wild Tiger 1050 prowls on the same territory … But before thinking of a next MNC duel, let us first concentrate on this first test !

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