All Tests – VFR 1200F Test … with an F as effective! – Not the lightest …

VFR 1200F test … with an F as effective !

All Tests - VFR 1200F Test ... with an F as effective! - Not the lightest ...

Among the 2010 novelties, the VFR 1200 is one of the most anticipated … While waiting for the automatic DCT version next summer, Site has tried the classic manual version. So, is the new VFR 1200 still the ideal bike? ? Test !

Not the lightest…

By taking place on the bike, we immediately appreciate the smoothness of the saddle and the engine. Designer Teofilo Plaza would like to thank the engine engineers: "it is thanks to their work, to the fact that the two rear cylinders are tighter than the front ones", specifies the Spanish.

The saddle, located 815 mm above the ground, allows by its shape to put the feet calmly on the ground. No need to dive too low or too far to grab the handlebars: the bust position will suit sports enthusiasts in complete comfort.

On the other hand, once the feet are installed on the footrests, we notice that the legs are found quite bent: with this VFR 1200F, we will certainly be able to drive quickly and put the angle without scraping the lugs. .. Yum !

Between the thighs, the reservoir is easily served. "It also has almost a single line, but it adapts to all uses: in town, on the road, motorway or circuit as in maneuvers at a standstill.", Teo assures us.

A thin waist despite everything

It is precisely when stationary that we discover one of the main faults of this new generation of VFR: its overweight! With 267 kg all full, the Honda accuses 18 kg more than its predecessor on the scale and 13 more (for example) than the last K1300S…

Needless to say, the VFR 1200F is tricky to maneuver on false flats – it is better to be in the direction of descent – and that it is very difficult to catch it when stalling in the middle of a U-turn, almost to the stop … For our readers, Site did not hesitate to test it … with our apologies to the Honda staff! For the more curious, the retro and the left fairing were barely scratched and the selector twisted slightly but did not give in, phew !

In the end, therefore, in terms of weight, the new VFR is closer to a GT than a Superbike. One of our eminent colleagues did not fail to point this out to Hasegawa San: "certainly, but you have to take into account the overweight of the gimbal (about ten kg according to him, Editor’s note) and the biggest engine", responds timidly the big boss of the VFR.

It’s not a GT !

However, the VFR 1200F carries only 18.5 liters of gasoline and benefits from Honda’s most advanced technologies, such as "very compact cylinder heads thanks to the Unicam technology which equips our CRFs", details for example the constructor.

We regret that in return for this significant weight, we do not benefit from more space under the saddle: a U-shaped lock offered by Honda will find its place, but that’s all. Likewise, we are always surprised by the absence of a storage compartment: it is not because the VFR 800 did not do better on these points that we should not complain about it. !

Asked about these shortcomings, Teofilo Plaza answers us tit for tat that "the air ducts are essential for cooling the pot collectors – especially the rear – and prevent the presence of a storage compartment … and then for those looking for the amenities of a GT, there is the Pan European !"What he’s not quite wrong about.

But once started, the V4 quickly makes you forget its low considerations. At idle, the very specific sound of the Honda unit is delectable and is only disturbed by a blast of the horn when entering traffic.

Indeed, before releasing the clutch – a bit firm -, we take care to put its flashing … but its control is now in place of the horn! We only get tricked at the very beginning, but the main thing is to avoid an unfortunate misunderstanding with an overly heavy motorist. !

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