All Tests – VFR 1200F Test … with an F as effective! – Original and classy

VFR 1200F test … with an F as effective !

All Tests - VFR 1200F Test ... with an F as effective! - Original and classy

Among the 2010 novelties, the VFR 1200 is one of the most anticipated … While waiting for the automatic DCT version next summer, Site has tried the classic manual version. So, is the new VFR 1200 still the ideal bike? ? Test !

Original and classy

As often, we are pleasantly surprised by discovering the new bike "for real". Should angles and shots – especially in the studio – be redefined? Or do we unconsciously adapt to the sometimes daring new lines proposed by the manufacturers? ?

Still, the VFR 1200F is not as impressive as it appeared on the presentation shots. Admittedly, the particularly flat fairings sides remain impressive. But the extreme simplicity of their lines and their carefully cut contours give the bike an undeniable class..

Teofilo Plaza, responsible for the design of this new VFR 1200, insists: he wanted it to be as refined as possible and did not let it go. Because "like an iPhone, VFR is a simple solution to complicated applications", summarizes the Spanish designer – no, he is not Italian! -, aware that the VFR must convince and satisfy bikers with multiple expectations.

IPhone on two wheels

"This is a motorcycle made in Japan (at the Kumamoto factory to be exact, Editor’s note) for Europe", continues the sympathetic and exciting Teo,"however, the practice of motorcycles is "complex" there, because Japanese bikers would like a single motorcycle to do everything !"Life as an artist at Honda is not easy…

The paints and plastics reinforce the impression of high quality that emerges from this Honda. In this regard, we will also choose red for its depth, gray for the reinforcement of the lines and white for its brilliance..

In order to differentiate the latest Honda production from those of its competitors, Teofilo and his comrades gave the VFR 1200 a very original face. It is mainly its X-shaped optics that gives the Japanese all its distinction, synonymous with difference – it is useful to stand out from the crowd of cars – but also elegance..

No conso

"The front of the bike expresses its character", says the designer."It would have been easy to accommodate two optics and tilt them more or less to obtain the desired degree of aggressiveness.", he continues in order to legitimize his choice.

According to him, in addition to its originality and its efficiency, the X optics allows the VFR to display a small smirk not bad, just teasing … Would the VFR 1200F be a little prankster, a motorcycle who is hiding his game the better to amaze us? Suspense…

When we pass to the other side of the bubble, we are justly surprised to discover a particularly sober dashboard, not to say … sad. Compared to the design of the motorcycle, that of the instrumentation is therefore very classic, bordering on disappointing.

Indeed, contrary to what Honda told us last month, the new VFR does not indicate its consumption. It does not have an on-board computer either: no calculation of the remaining range, no trip kilometer during the passage on the reserve, no average speed or other gadgets sometimes useless but essential for a "flagship".

Continuing the turn of the owner, we also notice the presence of the same rear indicator light unit. What, no LEDs or futuristic shapes? "No, the Pro Arm and the taillight are VFR icons that we don’t touch !", reveals Yosuke Hasegawa, the Japanese who had the honor – and the courage – to take on the role of" Large Project Leader "on this new VFR 1200 !

The single-sided arm, an essential element on a VFR worthy of the name, is also very beautiful despite the black plastic covering which covers its rear part. "The swingarm styling is purposefully sporty, as the new VFR is", assures us Teofilo. And if we checked all this on trial ?

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