All Tests – When BMW finally launches its little roadster! – Let’s go in the rain …

When BMW finally launches its little roadster !

All Tests - When BMW finally launches its little roadster! - Let's go in the rain ...

Since the discontinuation of the R 850 R, the range of BMW Motorrad had no small roadster. An absence that was particularly felt in France, where this type of motorcycle represents the highest volumes of sales. Direction Nice… under the rain !

Let’s go in the rain…

"The height of our saddles could be a problem for our customers", observes Jean-Michel Cavret, and in particular among first-time buyers, those who return to motorcycles or women – generally smaller than men – who represent as many targets for this German novelty.

Particularly affected by this criterion – which rider is not impressed, at first glance, by an R 1200 GS? -, BMW has "was led to define a new measure: the arch", underlines the French chef: a measure which takes into account the height of the saddle but also the spacing of the legs…

Located at 800 mm from the ground, the seat of the F 800 R is finally accessible to the majority of bikers. However, the little ones may request a lower saddle (775 mm) when ordering. In this case, the low saddle is free, but for latecomers, the option will be charged 229 €.

It is the same for the high saddle (825 mm), which will be better suited to large legs. Because in order to offer the roadster a sporty driving position and substantial cornering, the footrests are placed in high places. !

By keeping the original saddle, some legs will be too folded up, making long journeys difficult to imagine … To be tested before purchase !

Large feet who love real boots will also be hampered at the level of the heels by the passenger footrests. To properly align the feet, you have to move them forward: a habit that you manage to get … or not !

We notice, however, that the knees are spared: they have all the space they need. The buttocks are also well received: more than the consistency, it is the design of the saddle that offers appreciable comfort..

Very nice also, the sound of the pot immediately makes you want to cut the road … even if it is more and more wet! As sporty as you wish, the sound of the engine flatters its pilot and impresses passers-by, certain to see it pass "a big motorcycle".

The first gear is a bit long to go at walking pace, but the clutch lever is soft enough to make the clutch slip and relieve the two pistons..

When the traffic is clear, we appreciate just as much the softness of the box! No need to shifter – option unavailable on the 800 … – to up and down gears without moving the left hand. The S and STs tested in 2006 were not as pleasant on this point, while the R – the three more exactly, tested by Site – are beyond reproach.

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