All Tests – When BMW finally launches its little roadster! – The F 800 in full force

When BMW finally launches its little roadster !

All Tests - When BMW finally launches its little roadster! - The F 800 in full force

Since the discontinuation of the R 850 R, the range of BMW Motorrad had no small roadster. An absence that was particularly felt in France, where this type of motorcycle represents the highest volumes of sales. Direction Nice… under the rain !

The F 800 in full force

"Today the family is complete !", welcomes Patrick Lucas, press manager of BMW Motorrad France, in the introduction of his presentation of the very last Behème: the F 800 R.

Three years ago already, the German manufacturer inaugurated its new engine: a Rotax 798 cc parallel twin, set at 360 ° like the flat! On this occasion, BMW launched two new models: its new small sports car "S" and its road version "ST" (read our). BMW thus deliberately chose to give a sporty connotation to this new series..

Then in 2008, it was the turn of the unmissable F 800 GS and F 650 GS trails (read our) to land on our roads and paths, achieving greater success than their predecessors. Logical, given the history and image of the German brand…

No F 800 RT…

Beaten last year by the all-new R 1200 GS – and its Adventure version – the R 1200 RT remains the benchmark BMW in terms of sales in France. "An exception from home since everywhere else in Europe, the GS obtains much better scores than the RTHowever, Jean-Michel Cavret, CEO of BMW Motorrad France, points out. The French big boss is already expecting his customers to ask for an F 800 RT, asking that he will not fail to relay to the Munich headquarters … But the latter should not embark on the development of a 6th version of the twin, which would interest "only" the French! They can always console themselves with the ST, embellished with some options…

And this year, the F 800 family welcomes its fifth member (and the last one by the way, read the box opposite): the F 800 R roadster, unveiled in Milan in Italy, another country of the mid-size roadster (read our).

To succeed in making volume on the European motorcycle market, the mid-capacity roadster therefore represents an excellent – if not "the only" – choice for a manufacturer..

According to specialists – of which Site prides itself on being part! -, the good recipe lies in the making of an easy motorcycle, composed of a simple cycle part and a living engine, enhanced by a racy look, all served at a reasonable price…

But … that’s exactly what BMW tried to achieve with its latest motorcycle, " a typical product of conquest for us", insists Jean-Michel Cavret, Managing Director of BMW Motorrad France.

To better taste it, BMW France decided to present its F 800 R to us in the Nice hinterland, in order to take advantage of its gentle spring sun and its beautiful and winding roads … Unfortunately, it was without counting. April showers !

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