All Tests – X-Max Trial – Evolis 125: Max-imisation! – A very urban scooter

X-Max / Evolis 125 test: Maximization !

All Tests - X-Max Trial - Evolis 125: Max-imisation! - A very urban scooter

In the wake of the X-Max 400i launched in spring 2013, Yamaha is upgrading its 125/250 cc scooters and their MBK Skycruiser equivalents, renamed Evolis. MNC took the measure of these X-Max and Evolis 125 during their Parisian presentation. First try.

A very urban scooter

As soon as the horizon clears and traffic becomes more fluid, the new Xmax / Evolis 125 can finally express its full potential. On this unbroken model, MNC hung 120 km / h on the odometer – or about 108 km / h real – and noted rather soft revivals between 70 and 100 km / h.

The revving is indeed very linear and not very vigorous at these speeds, which will certainly limit the inclination to overtake on expressways. On the other hand, the heading and the general stability of the machine at high speed are excellent, despite a small "undulation" of the tubular frame during prolonged presses in fast curves..

On the other hand, the protection of the driver at high speed leaves much to be desired, due to a windshield that is too short and a width of the apron which requires the knees to be tucked in to better protect the legs from air flows..

On the road, the behavior of the X-Max / Evolis 125 is healthy and reassuring, in particular thanks to the suspensions which filter imperfections rather well and calmly withstand big shocks..

Firmly stationed on its 15 and 14-inch wheels fitted with honorable Michelin City Grip tires, the scooter also has braking just as effective as before, with good bite on the attack and very precise dosage at the levers..

MNC was unfortunately not able to make a real measurement of gasoline consumption at the pump, but the average consumption indicator announced for its part a small 3.8 l / 100 km, or a theoretical average autonomy of around 347 km with the 13.2 liters contained in the tank.

Verdict: a relevant overhaul

Sold for 100 euros more than its predecessor at 4399 € (4799 € in ABS version), the new Yamaha X-Max 125 / MBK Evolis 125 easily justifies this small price increase, if only for the gain in comfort observed , its more attractive design and its increased boot capacity.

A small increase in its performance would not have displeased us, however, in particular to improve its peri-urban services. But this additional mechanical vigor is probably difficult to achieve with a 125cc 4-stroke engine….

Scooters making longer interurban trips can fortunately turn to the 250 and 400 cc models, which are certainly more versatile but also more expensive and require the A license..

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