All the Duels – 2013 BMW C 650 GT Vs Suzuki Burgman 650 Executive: the drivers are nice! – Maxi-motors, maxi-comfort!

2013 BMW C 650 GT Vs Suzuki Burgman 650 Executive: The Roads Are Nice !

All the Duels - 2013 BMW C 650 GT Vs Suzuki Burgman 650 Executive: the drivers are nice! - Maxi-motors, maxi-comfort!

The Suzuki Burgman 650 reigned without competition for ten years in the GT maxiscooters market, but the arrival of the BMW C 650 GT forced the Japanese manufacturer to review its flagship. What about today ? Big GT scooters face to face.

Maxi-motors, maxi-comfort !

The twin-cylinder common to the C 600 Sport and C650 GT, designed by BMW and assembled by Kymco, offers performance and pleasure, but an unmistakable and not very melodious sound.

The sensations are softer and more muffled on the handlebars of the Burgman, which one almost thinks it is powered by an electric motor. If the BMW variator experiences a small lag time during acceleration, it adapts perfectly to the rhythm imposed by the pilot, while the continuously variable transmission of the Suzuki imposes a choice: for a smooth and fluid ride, it is appropriate to turn to its mode of transmission "Drive" (read box on the CVT Suzuki in our), but the starts and the times will be sometimes a little "fair". It will be exactly the opposite in Power mode: more efficient, of course, but also more brutal – a lot of engine braking – and more fuel-hungry..

On a daily basis, adding an intermediate mode ("Power Soft" or "Speed ​​Drive") would be relevant … Its sequential mode (changing five gears "manually" via controls on the handlebars) is still as pleasant for s ‘have fun over short distances – in the winding, for example. But its usefulness quickly finds its limits: after all, it is not to shift gears that a biker buys a scooter.

As soon as one escapes from the city, the gap widens between the two competitors: the chassis of the BMW is clearly imposed on that of the Suzuki, which clearly plays the card of pleasure and comfortable versatility. Despite its makeover, the Burgman 650 remains a bit clumsy when you pick up the pace.

As for its front axle, it can become light and imprecise on degraded surfaces. Its braking also very quickly reaches its last entrenchments, especially at the level of the ABS which is always triggered too quickly. The Suzuki is definitely not a sportsman, but it will satisfy its crew at a walking pace.

With its air of not touching it, the C 650 GT hides its game well: on small twisty roads, it is barely less efficient than its "brother" C 600 Sport. Its rigid frame, in particular, demonstrates irreproachable stability.

If the weight is naturally sensitive during rapid changes of angles, the agile and sure front axle allows a devilish pace that the Suzuki cannot follow. During the restart, the German-Taiwanese twin-cylinder resumes with force and very easily reaches perfectly prohibited speeds, on the road as on the highway….

Braking is powerful and efficient, but its bite is not standard on the Bavarian brand’s motorcycles. On the other hand, we quickly plague against his mirrors: not that they vibrate, but they rattle at each irregularity in the road…

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