Moto Morini Rebello 1200 in the driving report

Moto Morini Rebello 1200 in the driving report

From one to two-seater at the push of a button

After the bankruptcy in 2011, Moto Morini is saved, production is already running again. And there is a new model, the Moto Morini Rebello 1200 with a sliding rear apron – a gimmick or a practical feature? MOTORRAD employee Alan Cathcart rode the new Rebello, which offers a lot of thrust in several ways.

Experience shows that it does not always work out when investors or bankers take over an ailing company. Sometimes it’s obviously primarily about making quick money. In case of M.oto Morini seems to be different. Sandro Capotosti and Ruggero Massimo Jannuzzelli made their fortunes in the financial sector, but they are real motorcycle freaks and owned their own machines of this brand even before Morini took over.

Moto Morini Rebello 1200 in the driving report

From one to two-seater at the push of a button

No technical ailments over 35,000 kilometers

The deal was sealed at the end of 2011, Eagle Bike, the name of the company founded especially for the takeover, secured brand rights and production facilities as well as parts inventory. Production started again in April 2012 – just in time for the company’s 75th anniversary, because Alfonso Morini founded the company in Bologna in 1937.

For his birthday Morini presented the anniversary model Rebello 1200 Giubileo, limited to 100 copies, which was drawn by the scooter designer Marco Ciuti, who is coming from Kymco. Technically, it is based on the well-known and proven 1200 Corsaro, but costs a hefty 2000 euros more. Certainly the Rebello polarizes a lot more than the conventional Corsaro – you either like it or you don’t.

On the other hand, there is still broad consensus on the engine characteristics of the ultra-short-stroke twin designed by Morini veteran Franco Lambertini with the uneven cylinder angle of 87 degrees. MOTORRAD employee Alan Cathcart the unique engine so much that he privately bought two copies of the Corsaro that showed no technical defects liked over 35,000 kilometers.


The new Rebello offers a lot of thrust in several ways.

Apart from small changes to the mapping and the periphery, the twin in the Rebello remained unchanged. The vigorous acceleration of the short stroke is always surprising, even in sixth gear it pulls with relentless thrust from 2,500 revolutions onwards, but always starts off smoothly. At the same time, it turns loosely and completely linearly without the slightest hang up to the limiter that engages at 9,300 revolutions. An astonishingly wide speed range in which torque and high revving ease are combined in an incomparable way.

Compared to earlier models, the motor pulls even more evenly and gently, which promises maximum enjoyment in everyday life. In addition, the technicians reduced the drag torque, which makes the choice of line even more rounded on the winding stretches of the Apennines near the Marini site in Bologna. Here you can often leave the same gear in for many kilometers and enjoy the powerful thrust from below and the lively power in the upper part of the rev range. The clutch has also been improved, because the new Morini machines, like many current Ducatis, have an APTC servo clutch, which means less manual effort, better controllability and a certain anti-hopping effect.

Noticeably improved chassis

In an inclined position, the Morini immediately builds a lot of trust. You have the feeling of being able to feel the driving force acting on the rear wheel directly in the throttle grip. A special feeling that not many motorcycles offer in this form. The chassis is noticeably improved, because the Marzocchi fork got a fresh set-up, and at the rear a more appealing Ohlins replaces the previous Sachs shock absorber.

There is one point, however, that needs to be discussed: At the rear, the technicians swapped the previous 180 tire for a 190, which has a clearly noticeable effect on steering behavior and the righting moment. The Morini has lost a bit of handiness, to which the wheelbase, which has been extended by 26 millimeters, may also contribute its part.


At the push of a button, the one turns into a two-seater, the rump can be moved 25 centimeters.

The Rebello needs a longer wheelbase primarily because of the unique possibility of moving the rear bumper electrically by a maximum of 25 centimeters and thus converting the motorcycle from one to two-seater at the push of a button. In practice, however, the system can also be used very well to vary the driver’s seating position. In the city you move the stop a little forward and sit more upright, on the country road you move the rump backwards to sit more stretched and sportier. A feature that you certainly don’t necessarily need, but that works, even if it looks like it takes getting used to.

Compared to the Corsaro models, the pillion is placed lower, making it very relaxed. At the same time, the familiar models will continue to be offered with detailed improvements. The company owners hope that they will be able to gain a foothold again in the important European markets beyond the Italian borders. There is certainly plenty of competition, especially with sporty V2 engines, but the Morini engine has very special charms that Aprilia, Ducati or KTM cannot offer.

Technical specifications


Water-cooled two-cylinder four-stroke 87-degree V-engine, two overhead, gear / chain-driven camshafts, four valves per cylinder, bucket tappets, injection, Ø 54 mm, regulated catalytic converter, generator 460 W, battery 12 V / 14 Ah, Hydraulically operated multi-disc oil bath clutch (anti-hopping), six-speed gearbox, chain, secondary ratio 40:17.

Bore x stroke 107.0 x 66.0 mm

Cubic capacity 1187 cm³

Compression ratio 11.9: 1

Rated output 93.0 kW (127 hp) at 8500 rpm

Max. Torque 107 Nm at 8000 rpm

landing gear

Steel tubular frame, upside-down fork, Ø 50 mm, adjustable spring base, rebound and compression damping, two-arm swing arm made of aluminum, central spring strut with lever system, adjustable spring base, rebound and compression damping, double disc brake at the front, Ø 320 mm, four-piston fixed calipers, disc brake rear, Ø 220 mm, two-piston fixed caliper.

Cast aluminum wheels 3.50 x 17; 6.00 x 17

Tires 120/70 ZR 17; 190/55 ZR 17

Dimensions + weight

Wheelbase 1466 mm, steering head angle 65.5 degrees, caster 103 mm, spring travel f / r 129/134 mm, seat height 820 mm, dry weight 189 kg, tank capacity / reserve 18.0 / 3.0 liters.

Two year guarantee

Colors white / black

Price 13,900 euros

Interview with Sandro Capotosti


Sandro Capotosti (60), co-owner of Moto Morini.

How is business at Moto Morini at the moment??

We initially invested in the production facilities. And first of all we have revived three models: Corsaro, Granpasso and Scrambler. Investments were then made to develop the Rebello. And at the same time the website was launched, our shop, so to speak, and therefore very important.

What is Moto Morini World?

We invite our customers and friends to visit us in Bologna. We want you to get to know our brand, our history and our philosophy. We have a special showroom for this, and customers can also try out our machines here.

How did the Rebello come about??

We remembered the long history of Morini and wanted a machine for the anniversary that would build on the glamorous times. The 1955 Rebello was a machine with innovative technology and progressive design. This is taken up by the new model, which is intended to appeal to a younger clientele with its modern design. There is not only the adjustable seat, but also the keyless ignition. Just sit on it and start, all models will get that soon.

What happened to the Granferro prototype?

The fun bike was a nice idea, but the market segment is just too small.

There are more new models in the pipeline?

We are currently fully focused on the Rebello. But of course we already have other projects in mind. But first we have to put the company with the four models on a solid footing.

How much capital has the Moto Morini project devoured so far??

We have spent 1.96 million euros so far and we have a business plan of six million euros. If we should need more: The money is there, all the capital comes from us. No banks, no investors – it will stay that way. This is our project!

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