All the Duels – Face to face CBF 600 S – XJ6 Diversion: the basics strike back – Les cousins ​​nippones

Face to face CBF 600 S / XJ6 Diversion: the basics strike back

All the Duels - Face to face CBF 600 S - XJ6 Diversion: the basics strike back - Les cousins ​​nippones

This year, the new Yamaha XJ6 Diversion joins the discreet but nonetheless excellent Honda CBF 600 S in the small road motorcycle market. Will the novelty live up to the category benchmark? ? Trial in a fratricidal duel !

Japanese cousins

Parked next to each other, our two small streamlined roadsters certainly claim the same positioning: low, thin, light, the two Japanese women are not ostentatious but efficient !

At first glance, we necessarily notice the Yamaha a little more because it is a novelty and because its design is a little more attractive..

Its shield-shaped look, just like its navy blue dress nicely highlighted by "bronzed-gold" rims in the best taste, make it quite rewarding. The smoothness of the line is reinforced by the absence of side exhaust.

On the other hand, in its black livery, the CBF 600 inevitably attracts a little less attention. In addition, if the finish of the Honda is very correct, that of the Yamaha is really remarkable. What flatters its owner and is a pledge of good performance over time.

As soon as we get on board, we realize how our two roadsters are competitors – and therefore close: same seat height of 785 mm (adjustable on the CBF by + or – 15 mm), same upright position and natural, even half fairing…

Really close !

Their level of equipment is identical: side and central stands, passenger handles, fuel gauge, clock, space for an anti-theft device under the saddle, etc. But only the Yamaha indicates the engine temperature.

Many of our readers will no doubt regret to find on the Honda the all analog, very sad and difficult to read dashboard of the 2004 CBF 600..

On the Diversion, on the other hand, the dashboard – similar to that of the FZ1 and FZ6 – is one of the most successful on the market: not necessarily by its originality, but by its excellent readability in any situation..

Convenient and easy

To test our two road-oriented roadsters for the long haul, we have chosen to explore the enchanting roads of the Morvan (see in particular). When loading the two machines, no problem, but the CBF is slightly more welcoming.

The Honda’s fuel tank, in particular, is quite square: it therefore very easily accommodates a magnetic bag and the many anchoring points (diabolos, passenger handles) make it possible to attach a bag to the rear or to have saddlebags..

It is a little less easy on the XJ6, whose stern is a little thinner. But she remains in the good average of what can be done.

Good point also: even loaded and in duet, these two machines keep their ease and their lightness of direction. The ride for two is also strongly recommended, because the reception of the passenger is very suitable on the two motorcycles. As for the excellent handles of the Honda, they will be a weighty argument for those who do a lot of duos.

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