All the Duels – Face to face Dorsoduro – Hypermotard: two very shameless Italians! – On the road: SM for damn funny!

Face to face Dorsoduro / Hypermotard: two very shameless Italians !

All the Duels - Face to face Dorsoduro - Hypermotard: two very shameless Italians! - On the road: SM for damn funny!

The sun is back and the conditions are right again to (re) indulge yourself on a motorcycle! And if we saw what it looks like on two big Italian supermotards with a strong character, the Aprilia Dorsoduro and the Ducati Hypermotard ? Face to face !

On the road: SM for damn fun !

If our two big supermotards are also appreciated in town, they are savored above all on the road! And the more it turns, the more we have fun! Nevertheless, taking into account their road origins, our two Italian rigid ones will still prefer the beautiful asphalt ribbons to the too rutted surfaces..

In this little game, the Dorsoduro is less comfortable but more rigorous than the Hypermotard. Lighter but with greater engine inertia, the Ducati prefers fluid steering rather than excessive attack. This is felt in its braking, powerful in absolute terms but lacking a bit of bite when taking the lever..

But given the excellent original material (aviation hoses, master cylinder and radial calipers, etc.), the adoption of softer pads will undoubtedly solve this small defect! In addition, the Hypermotard shows a slightly tight ground clearance for a machine with such a fun vocation..

Despite a more modest equipment in appearance, the Aprilia is a real tool on small roads: although a bit dry, the suspensions, adjustable in all directions, work well and combine brilliantly with a little brutal braking at low speed, but reassuring in sporty driving. The front axle combines stability and liveliness, even if it can be seen hopping on the macadam joints.

Despite its displacement deficit compared to the Hypermotard, the Dorsoduro’s twin-cylinder has little to envy it: it even pays for the luxury of displaying two more horsepower (92 hp at 8,750 rpm on Aprilia against 90 hp at 7,750 rpm for the Ducati).

In Sport mode, the 749.9 cc twin looks like big mono (including the sound level), with the right kick to the c … which goes well when you twist the right grip !

Coupleux – even bestial! -, the Ducati engine tows with force from the lowest revs: a real success! However, it is still controllable and makes a successful whole with the healthy and natural cycle part. Tweaked for three decades, the big four-valve twin does not disappoint: it is certainly not the most efficient twin on the market, but without a doubt one of the most endearing. !

This block cooled by air and oil offers "old-fashioned" sensations without being restrictive and difficult to understand. That said, the large torque (10.5 mkg at 4,750 rpm) and the weight of the beast (179 kg dry) will require a minimum of vigilance with cold tires or in the wet: not everyone is not call Ruben Xaus and tackling the curves while sliding, with one hand and knee on the ground, is not within the reach of the first comer !

The Hypermotard will delight wheelie enthusiasts by standing on its rear wheel in the first three gears without even resorting to the clutch! The chassis is no exception and the Ducati is even more comfortable and accommodating than the Aprilia: a shame for a machine from Bologna! Understand by this that it sacrifices a little of its sporting efficiency on the altar of ease and enjoyment of driving, which has never hurt in everyday life, even on a motorcycle with such a strong playful connotation !

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