All the Duels – Honda VFR 1200 DCT Vs BMW K1300S: supremacy questioned … – Is it in the box?

Honda VFR 1200 DCT Vs BMW K1300S: supremacy challenged…

All the Duels - Honda VFR 1200 DCT Vs BMW K1300S: supremacy questioned ... - Is it in the box?

Considered as the benchmark for Sport-GTs, the Honda VFR is adorned with a new 1237 cc V4 and above all a double-clutch transmission (DCT) to keep its crown. Will this innovation suffice against a fully mature BMW K1300S? ? Duel.

It’s in the box ?

Among the strengths of the world’s leading manufacturer is undoubtedly stubbornness: determined to lay the groundwork for future technologies, Honda has already proven in the past – especially during its return to Grand Prix with the NR500 and its oval pistons in 1979. – that this thirst for innovation could even surpass the notions of profitability or success.

Thus, despite the frequent rejection caused by the association "motorcycle + automatic gearbox", the first attempts on the CB400 and 750 in the 70s to the misunderstanding of DN-01 and its HFT transmission (Human Friendly Transmission), the Japanese persist and sign in this path strewn with more or less stinging failures – Moto Guzzi, and more recently Yamaha and Aprilia have also paid the price – by releasing an (optional) double clutch mechanism on the new VFR 1200 2010 (read).

Borrowed from the automobile, this technology is based on a conventional transmission architecture – with forks and barrels – electronically managed by two clutches: one for even gears, the other for odd gears. In fact, notwithstanding the absence of a clutch and selector lever, the sensations and reactions of the gearbox are very close to a traditional mechanism: a good point to reassure and attract the biker, generally quite conservative. !

Tried in a torrential rain near Frankfurt (read), this device DCT (Dual Clutch Transmission) appeared to us to be extremely comfortable and even fun in "sequential" use, a mode in which the up and down of gears are managed by two triggers located on the left comodo. In addition, dual-clutch technology gives the 2010 VFR the worthy sophistication that this line has claimed since 1986..

The only thing is: while Honda was on this new generation of automatic gearbox and then religiously inserted it into its very latest VFR – technological and historic flagship of the winged crest – the competition has also put its own hands! Starting with the European specialist in road motorcycles and sport-tourism: BMW.

Therefore, after having gauged the capabilities of the Honda traveler by opposing it to the efficient Kawasaki 1400 GTR (read), it was late in the drafting of MNC to measure the VFR 2010 to the flagship Sport-GT of the German brand: the K1300S, whose important evolution discovered in 2009 seriously sharpened the claims (read).

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