All the Duels – Kawasaki W800 Vs Triumph Bonneville SE: the grannies are resisting – The nose to the wind …

Kawasaki W800 Vs Triumph Bonneville SE: Grannies Are Resisting

All the Duels - Kawasaki W800 Vs Triumph Bonneville SE: the grannies are resisting - The nose to the wind ...

Your ZXG-R cost you 6 license points? Madame no longer supports the passenger seat of your ugly roadster? You may be ripe for a neo-retro machine! Comparative test of two “ real fake ” old motorcycles well in their time !

Nose to the wind…

Whether riding the W800 or the Bonneville, we will avoid long journeys as much as possible: they do not protect the pilot and their capacity to carry luggage is quite low from the outset … a fortiori as a duo.

They also have in common a saddle comfort that is very limited in time. The pain in the buttocks appears quickly enough and does not let go, unless you take a real break.

On the other hand, despite their small tanks (14 liters for the Japanese and 16 for the English), they allow to build serenely on a range of 200 km, passing in reserve around 180 km.

The Triumph consumes a little more than the Kawasaki (5.5 l / 100 km on average against 5.1) but their cruising speed is almost identical: at 130 meters, the Kawa turns at 4600 rpm in 5th gear and the Triumph at 4 750.

… whistling !

The two real false "grannies" will therefore really appreciate on the small country roads, without a specific goal and without a set schedule. Alone or in pairs, we will take great pleasure in riding on the couple of these two air twins.

Curiously, the 20 hp difference announced by the technical sheets (68 hp for the Bonneville and 48 for the W800) is hardly felt. If we whip it, the English is necessarily more efficient, but in normal use for this type of motorcycle (in ride mode), we have the impression that they both develop the same power..

This is also true for times: the torque available very low on the Kawa (62 Nm from 2,500 rpm) gives it generous revivals and unparalleled flexibility..

Too good, that Bonnie ?

In comparison, the Triumph’s 360 ° parallel twin offers a very smooth character: some may even find it boring, while others will praise its smoothness and smoothness. What is certain is that the English would deserve a more playful and expressive sound.

In fact, the great strength of the Bonnie lies in the perfect homogeneity between its engine and its chassis. Normally dedicated to leisurely strolls, it takes pleasure in tickling much "bigger" than it in the winding, thanks in particular to the agility of its small rear tire of 130 mm.

Apart from its slightly limited ground clearance, the Bonneville is happy to invite you to the nice arsouille. Only its duo of rear shock absorbers Kayaba, too firm, affects comfort and traction on poor surfaces..

A W800 not left out

Even if its pneumatic installation is less tailored for sport, the Kawa also offers nice sensations with very correct handling. In addition, its footrests rub less quickly on the macadam. The W800 is therefore also perfectly suited to spinning a good train, in a comfort of suspension much better than on the English.

On the other hand, it will be necessary to avoid surprises and approximations because Kawasaki has endowed its bike with literally "retro" braking … The front disc pinched by two-piston calipers is singularly lacking in bite and power, while the drum rear is completely overtaken. Nothing to do with the Triumph, which offers braking in all respects in accordance with current standards.

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