Aprilia Tuono Fighter 1000 roadster test


The iron horse

Aprilia Tuono 1000The
Tuono is the novelty 2003 in terms of roadster, presented
for the first time at Intermot in September 2002. The principle
? Take the sporty RSV 1000 R, remove its fairing to
transform it into a stree-bike, significantly rework the curve to
a little more potato at the bottom and that’s it. Everything else is the same.
The recipe has already been proven with other manufacturers.
The Tuono is a stripped RSV 1000, without concession, even
not on the price! Four-day trial…


Aprilia Tuono 1000At
less, the Tuono did not copy any Japanese! She takes up the optics
three headlights of the RSV 1000 as well as its screen, and remove everything
the rest. The motorcycle appears very short, picked up on itself.
The rear seat offers a passenger seat, placed particularly

We search without finding the passenger handle, missing.

We admire the rear swingarm, massive, then to the side
the Aprilia Racing exhaust, allowing 94 db at 4500
tr! The rear light is also unique, like two glasses of
red glasses, hat !

In the saddle

Aprilia Tuono 1000We
climb on the Tuono, as on a horse: it is high. The thin saddle allows
at the feet of touching the ground. Hands fall on the wide handlebars
flat and offers a rather straight roadster position. The origin is sporty
but one does not fall forward. The knees enclose the tank
very thin, one of the thinnest in existence today.

Under the eyes, a traditional central tachometer without red zone, framed
by two huge digital square meters. On the left the tachometer
(with memorization of the maximum speed), the simple trip and the totalizer.
On the right, the engine temperature and the time. Below, the buttons
reset, the adjustment of the shift-light. At levels
warning lights, full pahres, flashing, passage in reserve
and rarer: the crutch engaged indicator! We
just regret the lack of gauge. Now the high position and
counters placed at the same height as on the sports car
results in instruments placed too low to provide natural vision
while driving.

The round mirrors are adjusted by forcing noticeably
and offer an acceptable field of vision, without more.


Aprilia Tuono 1000the
twin snorts with a low and hoarse sound … with welcome help
of the starter during the first seconds.

Clutch, start … The motorcycle is handled like a bicycle,
light, but with a couple very present … particularly
present even.

La Tuono agrees to start the two thousand turns on the couple in
low, without knocking. Digs under the four thousand towers, she agrees to roll up
without any particular suffering. The gears are easily shifted,
firmly. Only the dead point is regularly
hard to find at a standstill.


The Tuono takes you easily.


Aprilia Tuono 1000Exit
from Paris, direction Orleans, the Tuono takes its turns. While turning
the handle in the corner from the four thousand turns,
we feel a fantastic elastic effect from 5000
tr and again after 6,500 laps. There is nothing linear
as a four-cylinder might give it. But really the effect of being
pulled violently forward.

At only 5000 rpm on the last report, the Tuono is already
at 145 km / h and the flexion of the wrist immediately throws you forward…
The screen protects impeccably up to 185 km / h and no
special effort is not necessary while the bike is still giving
the impression of being on its starting blocks.

Aprilia Tuono 1000Departmental

Back on departmental roads, the Tuono keeps a steady pace.
The wide straight handlebars allow a significant leverage, which is necessary
to register it in fast curve, with a small tendency under tack.


The saddle is hard, both for the rider and for the passenger. Corn
while the pilot is in a comfortable driving position, the passenger
placed high, without a handle, clings as best it can to the
pilot. The character of the motorcycle also gives a permanent desire
on the attack, with an appropriate behavior, tiring for
the passenger, quickly in agony.


The rear brake is an honest retarder, without force
particular. The front, however, offers a rare bite. Just
to solicit it noticeably to get stuck in the bitumen. There is not
really feeling but an extraordinary efficiency with an effect
on immediate: handle with care even
if in use we get used to it very well to stop
effortlessly in a few meters regardless of initial speed.
They are signed Brembo, this perhaps explains that.

Night road

the front headlight reasonably illuminates and wakes up
literally with the support of other pahres in full position
lighthouse: very efficient.


Aprilia Tuono 1000We
might believe that the saddle is worthy of a reserved sportswoman
to the disk block. On the contrary, it is not, since it is possible
to accommodate a U-type anti-theft France, long and 100mm wide and
what to wear rain pants.

Only the seat strap obstructs the opening of the rear folding seat,
but the whole thing is held by only two screws, which can be removed in a few

The side stand is particularly straight.
It is easily placed and folded up.


Aprilia Tuono 1000In
smooth driving, the switch to reserve lights up as soon as
180 km! There is then enough to do about fifty kilometers.
The lack of gauge obliges here to take into account the single trip.

In the end, she consumes 7 l. on average at steady speed
of 130 km / h. Its consumption rises to more than 9 liters when driving
more muscular, which it encourages to do.


La Tuono is a fabulous twin with a couple and a character
to make people love twins, even for the most convinced of
four cylinders. This engine is a treat, with fun everywhere
and a permanent incentive to arson. His character
will however reserve it for experienced pilots, capable of taming
the character. Presented in version R, then more recently
in Fighter version, the Tuono has become almost affordable at "only"
11,999 euros instead of the initial 18,000 euros. She stays despite
everything, and without forgetting all its qualities, 3000 euros more expensive
than competition in a generally affordable niche:
its only big flaw and it’s a shame.

Strong points

  • the driving force
  • line

Weak points

  • price
  • saddle comfort

Competitors: Honda CB 1000 R, Suzuki SV 1000,
Triumph Speed ​​Triple.

The Aprilia Tuono 1000 technical sheet

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